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Let’s Go Exploring! Seville, the Birthplace of World Travel


FIRECracker is a world-travelling early retiree. She used to stay in one of the costliest cities in Canada, but as an alternative of drowning in debt, she rejected house possession. What resulted was a 7-figure portfolio, which has allowed her and her husband to retire at 31 and journey the world. Their story has been featured on CBC, the Huffington Submit, CNBC, BNN, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. Up to now, it is the most shared story in CBC historical past and their viral video on CBC’s On the Money has garnered 4.5 Million views.

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Nowadays, an around-the-world flight can value as little as 26,000 miles or $1500 USD and takes less than every week. However again in 1519, circumventing the globe required 3 entire years and price hundreds of thousands in as we speak’s dollars. But that didn’t stop Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who turned the first individual to circumnavigate the world. With financing from the Spanish authorities, he set sail on his trip of discovery with 5 ships from Seville, consisting of a crew of 260 males. Understanding that they might be dealing with all types of hardships like hunger, storms, and scurvy, Magellan needed to ensure he brought more than enough crew to brave the journey.

That turned out to be a good suggestion.


Properly, of the 260 men that left, guess what number of made it back to Spain?


Significantly. Lower than 7%, and Magellan wasn’t even one of them!

Half method via the journey, he was killed by a poisonous arrow in a conflict with natives in the Philippines, on the island of Mactan. After that, his shipmate, Juan Sebastian Elcano, took management of his ship and sailed it again to Spain, with the remaining surviving males.

Right here’s a portray depicting the 18 men who made it back:

Holy crap, are you able to inform these guys have seen some shit?

So the subsequent time you need to complaining about not having wifi on a flight or the meals being less than snuff, cease. Simply stop.

Did you age horribly, lose 93% of your crew, and pray for dying by the time you arrive? Then no, you don’t have real issues.

We discovered about this story and lots of others at the Torre del Oro in Seville, Spain. I have to confess, initially I didn’t even assume of going inside. It was a small, comparatively unremarkable tower, and we just occurred to move by it on our strategy to greater and better-known points of interest like the Catedral de Sevilla.

But since it was Monday, this attraction was utterly free, and since “free” is my absolute favorite phrase in the English language, I decided to take a detour. Good thing we stopped, as a result of this turned out to be one of the most memorable Seville points of interest for me. Not only did it have an incredible view of the Guadaíra river, it was the website from which Magellan set sail. As such, the Torre del Oro turned a museum devoted to world explorers like Magellan and Christopher Columbus, whom you could have heard of. He supposedly discovered some crappy unimportant continent or something. Who knows?

Oh, and in addition, that Columbus man? He’s nonetheless there in Seville, however we’ll get to that a bit later.

Anyway, once I got here to Seville I assumed it was only a great spot to go to because of the pretty church, plaza, and Spanish architecture. Little did I know, in case you’re into journey, this city is full of history about world explorers whose adventures paved the approach for the globe-trotting nomadic life we take pleasure in as we speak. In a approach, I assume I felt like kindred spirits. Only, you understand, without the scurvy and the horrible dying part.

Enjoyable reality: The Spanish (and by extension, this museum) REALLY likes to rub in the undeniable fact that regardless of Columbus, an Italian, was the one who first discovered America, it acquired named after Amerigo Vespucci, a Spaniard.

1638 portray depicting “Vespucci awakening America”

So why wasn’t America named after Christopher Columbus?

Properly, you see, despite the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered America, he, like many different explorers assumed that the New World was part of Asia.

But Amerigo discovered that North and South America are separate continents, utterly separate from Asia. Now, you may assume this isn’t the greatest cause to have two continents named after you, and that is exactly what another explorers thought too. They accused Amerigo of making an attempt to steal Columbus’s glory, however it didn’t matter. After German cartographer Waldseemüller determine to make use of the identify “America” to describe the portion that Amerigo explored, it caught for good.

So despite the undeniable fact that the Italians received to America first, the Spanish argued that it didn’t matter as a result of he didn’t understand what he had discovered. And then the Germans, being ever useful, stuck their noses in it and simply arbitrarily selected a winner.

HA HA! Referred to as it. No takesie backsies!

And that’s the last time Italy, Germany, and Spain ever disagreed on something.

So along with the eye-opening history of exploration, we also discovered tons of other cool shit in Seville.

Catedral de Sevilla

House to a famous resident: Cristopher Columbus.

That’s right. THE Christopher Columbus’ coffin, adorned in the Gothic LOOK-AT-ME type. Housed in a coffin that wouldn’t look out of place in a Lord of the Rings film, he lies eternally hoisted up by statues of four kings—representing the 4 kingdoms of Spain that existed when he was alive: Castille, Aragon, Navara, and Leon. See what I mean? Such a humble man.

The Seville cathedral also occurs to be the largest Gothic church in the world! It has a stunning courtyard full of orange timber and a climbable clock tower with some of the greatest views of the city.

Since it’s such a well-liked attraction, when you head straight this church, you’ll find yourself stuck in line ready to purchase tickets, after which waiting once more in a separate line to get in.

Do your self a favour and buy the combo ticket at the nearby Iglesia Salvador. It’s the similar worth as the single ticket to get into the Seville cathedral, plus it provides you an additional attraction, and gets you in without having to attend to purchase tickets. Win-win!

View of orange timber in the church courtyard.

Parque de Maria Luisa

Photograph by Manuel Ramallo @ Wikipedia

That is the massive lovely park leading to the piece de la resistance of Seville—the Plaza de Espana.

For those who take pleasure in strolling round superbly manicured grounds, marvelling at ornate monuments status, and fountains, while being shielded from the sun by luscious Palm and Elm timber, that is the place for you.

I inadvertently fell asleep on a bench in this park because it was so cozy and enjoyable right here.

Plaza de Espana

Probably the most lovely and iconic spot in all of Seville virtually makes you are feeling like you’re in Venice. For those who’ve by no means gotten an opportunity to experience a gondola, that is your probability. You possibly can even take pleasure in journey beneath the four bridges over this canal, that, once more, represents the 4 historical kingdoms of Spain.

When you cross the bridge, you will also notice all types of lovely mosaics, each representing a special province of Spain. For the greatest views, head up the stairs and take some footage overlooking the whole plaza.

It’s right here, in the Plaza de Espana, that we enjoyed one of the other must-sees of the Andalucia area of Spain…

Flamenco Dancing

I really like Flamenco because it’s not just a dance you watch, it’s a dance you are feeling. The rhythmic clapping of palms, the stomping of ft, the passionate expression on the dancer’s face, her energetic hand movements and playful twists of her colorful gown, the soulful tune from the guitarist—it’s all just so…attractive.

In the event you don’t consider me, watch and determine for your self:


And final however undoubtedly not least, the greatest place to see Moorish architecture and marvel at its splendor is the Alcazar.

I fell in love with the outside backyard, the resplendent gardens, and the all the opulent, intricate particulars that makes this attraction a must visit in Seville.

It additionally happens to be the set for Recreation of Thrones in Season’s 5 and 6. So be sure to get there early to keep away from the crowds.

I didn’t anticipate to like Seville as a lot as I did but I did anticipate it to be pretty expensive since so many vacationers love to visit it. I’m joyful to report, it didn’t break the bank as a lot as you’d assume as a result of here’s how a lot we spent in Seville:

Category Value in USD/couple Value in CAD/couple Notes Lodging: $52 USD $67 CAD As a well-liked vacationer destination, Seville might get quite expensive but we nonetheless managed to seek out an good one-bedroom Airbnb house 30 minutes walk from downtown. Meals: $32 USD $41 CAD ($25 for eating out, $16 for groceries) We didn’t spent much on food in Seville as a result of we have been still cautious after the food poisioning in Madrid. Hen soup and crackers have been straightforward on our stomaches, so aside from a couple of tapas we didn’t eat out a lot. Transportation: $three.85 USD/day $5 CAD/day Transporation was tremendous low cost because we only spent 5 Euros every on the bus to Seville from Malaga. Getting round the city was straightforward and walkable without public transit. Leisure: $19 USD/day $25 CAD/day We splurged on leisure with entry charges to Alcazar and the Seville church however you might truly end up skipping this charge altogether in the event you go on Mondays, when sure museums are free. I ended up feeling dizzy and didn’t make it to many points of interest on Monday. However even when you find yourself paying the entry charge, they value us $74 CAD for 2 over 3 days, so not dangerous in any respect. Misc/knowledge/fees $2 USD/day $2.57 CAD/day Knowledge was low cost and we obtained a prime up for less than 5 Euros at Simyo for 1.5 GB. Complete: $109 USD/couple/day $140 CAD/couple/day We didn’t end up spending a lot cash in Seville in any respect. Primarily because we lived within walking distance to all the principal points of interest so no transportation prices and a few of the points of interest have been free on Mondays. I think we might’ve spent far more on food if our stomaches weren’t nonetheless on the mend. Anticipate to spend extra in Seville however know you can have a good time without forking over quite a bit of money.

What do you assume? Have you ever been to Seville?


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