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Tom Hughes on Red Joan and the Future of Victoria

Based mostly on a true story, the drama Red Joan tells the story of a lady named Joan Stanley (Judi Dench) who, upon her arrest by the British Secret Service, revealed that she’d spent her life secretly changing the course of historical past. While she risked every little thing by offering categorized scientific info, together with particulars on the constructing of the atomic bomb, to the Soviet government for decades, she was doing so for what she felt was the pursuit of peace, England saw her as a traitor serving as a spy for the KGB.

During this 1-on-1 telephone interview with Collider, actor Tom Hughes (who plays Leo, an enthralling younger Communist that a young Joan falls head over heels in love with) talked about his curiosity in Joan’s story, why Leo was an appealing character, exploring the dynamic between Leo and Joan, working with co-star Sophie Cookson (who plays the young Joan), and having to shoot a speech for 150 extras, over and over again. He additionally talked about what he’s most enjoyed about enjoying Albert opposite Jenna Coleman, for 3 seasons on the TV collection Victoria, and how he hopes he’ll get to finish telling his full life story, as well as whether or not he’d think about doing another TV collection, and what he’s obtained arising subsequent.


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Collider: Red Joan is such an fascinating story, particularly because it’s a true story. Was the attraction of enjoying a character with such duality like this what drew you to this venture?

TOM HUGHES: Yeah, but if I’m trustworthy, what really drew me to it was Joan’s story, truly. I assumed that as a result of clearly the ebook is inspired by the story of Melita Norwood, who was arrested in 1999 in England as a result of she had been passing info to communist Russia. It’d gone undetected a very long time, and she was arrested in the previous couple of years of her life. She was quite open, as soon as she was arrested, about the reality she had a really clear id of her political persuasion. In Jennie Rooney’s guide, which the movie is predicated upon, Joan’s political persuasion is way extra ambiguous. At the time once we meet her, she’s virtually a blank canvas, in phrases of politics. Subsequently, the question is finally more of an moral selection and a human morality selection. I discovered that fascinating. In the event you have been that human, in that place and in that moment, and you have been the just one that would affect things, what would you select to do? I assumed that was a very fascinating start for the movie.

Then, obviously, Leo’s involvement and influence upon that call is immense, and the importance of Leo, in that story, is that there’s not only a necessity for him, in terms of Joan’s life, but in addition in the story. I found Leo fascinating because there’s an enigma to him. There’s a kamikaze aspect to him. With that, there’s additionally a allure that nearly comes from this habit to the velocity of life, that he lives his life at. I feel like he’s clearly been very much shaped by his experience, being a Russian-born Jewish man, who’s had his adolescence in Germany, and has now come to England. That formed him, dramatically. He’s thrown himself behind this political idiom, and there’s something about him that nearly felt out of control. Regardless of anyone’s political persuasion, there was something quite addictive about his company. That was fairly an enthralling factor to play, inside the larger piece.

What was it wish to explore that dynamic between Leo and Joan, and to have somebody like Sophie Cookson to play that with, all when you’re appearing adjoining to Judi Dench?

HUGHES: I feel Sophie is sort of an astounding actor. She was nice to work with. (Director) Trevor Nunn has worked with Judi Dench, many, many occasions, and he found it quite astonishing to direct Sophie. He’d be like, “God, it’s just like directing a young Judi.” Even of their personalities, Sophie has a wicked playfulness, as a human, and she brought a real excitement to the scenes. It was not often linear and it was not often obvious, and that was thrilling for me. If you’re enjoying a character like Leo, though he’s undoubtedly had a very dark previous, in terms of the ache that he’s gone by way of, and his anguish and all of that, that velocity has a firecracker factor. It’s essential to be with an actor you could really bounce off, and it was nice to have Sophie to work with. Somebody requested me, “What’s it like to be in a film with Judi Dench, and not be in a film with her?,” however for me, it was only a real pleasure to satisfy her and be capable of speak to her. Sophie is the one creating the character with Judi, so that strain fell on her. From the small amount of time that I spent with Judi, she was the most extremely gracious and sort human being. She gave Sophie that power. It was exciting truly to know that we have been sharing that story with someone like Judi.

There’s a moment in the film where it’s a must to give an enormous speech to a crowd, and apparently you needed to shoot that 14 occasions. How do you strategy getting ready for a moment like that, and was there any level, in those 14 occasions, the place you questioned in the event you’d have the ability to do it once more?


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HUGHES: Not, not in the sense that I didn’t know if I might do it again. You’ve gotta trick your self and remind yourself that the viewers hasn’t heard it 14 occasions. I feel it was more durable for the 150 extras to behave like they have been hearing it, for the first time. You just find your groove. In terms of giving a speech, it goes back to the rhythm. With all great speech givers are, it’s partly to do with their potential to get a superb orator, but when what they’re saying isn’t well-written and well-conceived, the speech will fall flat, so I simply went again to the writing and discovered a rhythm with the writing. Once you build it upon that, then that sees you thru. I couldn’t accomplished 20 takes, or more, if we would have liked to. Additionally, Leo is performing, in that second. Having to offer it that additional drive is what Leo would’ve had to do. It was truly fairly a very gratifying day as a result of there was a component of not figuring out what was gonna occur. Whenever you do a scene between two individuals in a room, you already know what you’re working with. Whereas, with this, we have been just throwing it to the wind and hoping that it will work. Hopefully, it did.

Viewers have actually fallen in love with Victoria, due largely to the work of Jenna Coleman, but in addition because of the relationship between your characters. What have you most loved about the expertise of getting to play that character, on that present, for 3 seasons?

HUGHES: It’s undoubtedly a interval of historical past that I didn’t know a hell of so much about. I knew so much about Queen Victoria, or at the least I knew her picture, should you like. I knew about the lady in mourning, submit Albert’s demise. However in the historical past prior to Albert’s dying, before the place we’re telling our story now, it wasn’t really a interval that I dived into, so I’ve loved exploring the historic aspect of the story. I’ve additionally loved, purely from my own professional point of view, taking a real human being and spending time telling their story. I’ve all the time run away from signing up for many seasons of things just because, in my 20s, I really needed to go in several instructions. I didn’t wanna retrace my steps. I used to be all the time concerned that you would come back, after a yr, and somebody might go, “Oh, by the way, he’s a superhero.” And also you’d be like, “Oh, my god, I didn’t know that! If only I’d known that, I would’ve played it so differently.” With Albert, as a result of he was a real human being that existed, I know the arc of his life and I know that construction. It’s been quite a pleasure, with the ability to take time, figuring out the construction, and be supple with things that I’m hoping will pay off, additional down the line. That’s been a real pleasure. Albert is in a very, very unique position. Nobody else has ever experienced what that was like. It was at a time when travel abroad was not, at all, what it’s at present, and the world was nowhere close to as cosmopolitan as it is at the moment. He’s a overseas man able of excessive affect, but he’s also constrained by that as a result of he can’t fairly discover how you can grab ahold of that affect and use it for what he perceives to be good ends. Subsequently, that psychological entrapment, whereas additionally dwelling able which is fantastic, in many respects, but can also be curbing him, I found really fascinating, from a psychological level of view. It’s been an actual pleasure to take my time with that story.

Are you continue to hoping that you simply’ll get to play that character till the end of his lifespan?

HUGHES: Finally, with anything, there must be an urge for food. If there’s an appetite, clearly with it being historic, there’s story there. Going back to what I stated earlier, the real magnificence for me, being someone that by no means needed to retrace my steps, was that I knew where this started and I knew where this ends, in real life. I’m having fun with enjoying that. I’ve all the time have my eye on the end outcome as a result of, as far as I’m concerned, even when we solely made one season, I have to painting that part of the man’s entire existence. So, yeah, if there’s an urge for food, then it might be really nice to complete the story. But, that isn’t right down to me. That’s up to another person.

Now that you simply’ve had the expertise of getting to play a personality over an extended period of time, and it sounds prefer it’s been such a constructive one, do you are feeling like you’re more open to doing it again, in the future, or wouldn’t it be very particular, depending on how interesting the venture and character is?

HUGHES: It’s undoubtedly specific, relating to the material, to be trustworthy, and the challenge. I really take pleasure in learning and making an attempt to be nearly as good as I might be, and I really undoubtedly consider that I could possibly be better. I feel we will all the time be higher, and I undoubtedly really feel that about myself. I need to hold pushing myself. I might hate to stagnate. But if the material is sweet sufficient, and the material, more importantly, is sweet sufficient, and the individuals making the present are driving that and pushing the boundaries of what somebody can achieve, then truly that’s an actual pleasure to be an element of. It’s literally simply judging something venture by challenge. I feel it was totally different in my 20s because I actually felt like that was my playground. That was my probability to actually, actually make it possible for I used to be by no means getting in the similar path once more. I made decisions, purposefully for that, that might permit myself the area to make mistakes, to attempt issues out, and to see what fit and what didn’t. I all the time believed that, of course, there are unimaginable elements that you would be able to play in your 20s, but 33-year-old human beings have lived longer than 23-year-old human beings, so that’s what you get to play. You get to play the juxtapositions and the dichotomies inside individuals, and the gray areas, somewhat bit extra. That’s all the time been what’s attracted me. However in terms of medium or construction, that needs to be chosen on a job by job foundation.

Have you learnt what you’re going to do subsequent?

HUGHES: I’ve just completed, literally about 4 days in the past, an unbiased movie in the UK. It’s referred to as Shepherd, and it’s a few guy having a psychological breakdown after the dying of his spouse. That plays out and manifests physically, on an island the place he’s gone to seek out himself. And then, there are two tasks, arising in the summer time, which I’m really wanting ahead to. After which, who is aware of beyond that? Part of the magnificence of being an actor is that, if you finish your job, something’s potential. Good or dangerous, anything’s on the desk, and that’s exciting.

What sort of tasks are the ones that you simply’re trying to do in the summer time?

HUGHES: I shouldn’t say. I’ve been informed not to. I’d like to inform you ‘cause I’m actually enthusiastic about them, however in case you’ll please forgive me, I’m sorry.

Red Joan opens in theaters on April 19th.