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Top Agent Podcast Episode 11: Kerry Mantziounis

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Kosta: On this episode, I’m talking with Kerry Mantziounis, a real estate agent with RE/MAX Final, a brokerage in Toronto, Ontario. Kerry is by far some of the hardest working realtors, if not people that I’ve ever met I what I really like about Kerry is his give attention to personal funding, which means investing in your self and your personal information. He talks about this and establishing the correct mindset to achieve success at a whole lot of fun chatting with Kerry, and I feel you’ll come away with a ton of useful info on this episode, so I hope you take pleasure in it. So Kerry, thank you a lot for becoming a member of me at the moment. I really do respect it. Thank you for having me. Superb. So Kerry. First, when you don’t thoughts just inform us, tell our viewers a bit about your skilled background as a realtor, how you bought began and kind of where your enterprise is at in the present day.

Kerry: Nice query. Um, properly I began once I was a 24 and uh, been within the enterprise for 13 years full time. You, I would like him to be in the business from 15 truly. And uh, all the time favored the business facet of things and uh, finished all my uh, enterprise uh, education after which I obtained into actual property once I was 24.

Kosta: Alright, so that you stated 13 years as a realtor? 13 years. Yeah. So, so I’m curious to hear from you. So you’ve been a realtor now 13 years. What would you say differentiates you as a realtor in comparison with the opposite 50,000 realtors in the Toronto area?

Kerry: Nicely, what differentiates me, I might say is, um, I still use the same strategy from day one until now’s being trustworthy with the shoppers.

Kerry: And a number of brokers I find are afraid to be trustworthy, are afraid to, but they don’t need to put the work in since you received to put loads of work in and once you’re really taking good care of the shopper, um, and it might not pan out for you all the time, however once more, I come from a faculty of thought honesty’s the perfect coverage because you then won’t make the sale as we speak, you’ll make it tomorrow and also you’ll get a number of referrals out of it. And that’s the identical model I’ve had from day one.

Kosta: I favored what you stated there, that you simply’ve achieved the identical factor since day one. And that’s consistency. And as with all enterprise you’re in, whether it’s, you recognize, my sort of business or being a realtor, being constant in what you do I feel is so essential and simply pay so much dividends down the street. And that’s, you’re right. Lots of people fail to comprehend that long term vision.

Kerry: Sure. And then even shoppers that I’ve had now which might be coming back to me shopping for a second or third property or an investment property, they know that they’re going to get the same service or even as the years go on, I’m even getting higher and higher at what I do and once they’re referring me enterprise, they understand how I’m going to deal with that individual. So it’s essential that you are consistent and consistency is the secret, I feel

Kosta: For positive. You touched upon referrals, like how essential do you assume a referral enterprise is in actual property?

Kerry: Essential as a result of um, for me it’s fascinating. Once I obtained the enterprise there was about 21,000 agents once I started and now there’s 50 50. 1,000 doesn’t make a difference to me as a result of it’s all the time that two % which are doing all of the enterprise. And whenever you work a referral based mostly business, it doesn’t matter the place the market is, doesn’t matter up or down. To be trustworthy with you. Typically when the market goes down, I’m much more busier because there’s lots of people on the market in search of better realtors. When the market’s up, uh, you recognize, if issues are selling sort of on their very own, numerous occasions having a better realtor. Yeah, you’ll be able to’t get extra money, but I find when the market shifts the other approach, individuals are on the lookout for that higher realtor, so things are likely to get slightly bit busier.

Kosta: No, it’s true. I imply, I feel at the finish of the day, high quality all the time prevailed over something. So

Kerry: Yeah.

Kosta: One thing, Kerry, that I actually admire and respect about you is that, you recognize, ever since I’ve recognized you, you, you’ve been one of many very few individuals I know who invest a variety of effort and time into perfecting your craft and studying and simply constantly making an attempt to raised your self at what you do every single day. Um, can you share some methods or some recommendations on what you do to constantly get better at your career?

Kerry: Properly, in case you actually think about, take into consideration what happened that inform you right now and whoever’s listening to this, it’s essential. You possibly can go spend all the money you want on advertising, doing this, doing that in the next new factor. However once you spend your cash and your time on creating your expertise, you as an individual, you and your corporation, that cash isn’t misplaced it. Once you build the talent, in the event you stop placing money into that, you’ll by no means lose that talent. If you stop putting cash in promoting, it stops your full enterprise comes in and stops. So the one factor is I carry on constructing and creating my expertise. I pay. I’ve a mindset coach, I’ve a real estate coach. I’m all the time creating my expertise and getting higher and better at what I do and I’m extra environment friendly with the whole lot I do.

Kosta: That’s so true. I really like what you stated. There are, you understand, when individuals think about investments like advertising, it’s very, it’s a really tangible Roi. Like should you put x amount of dollars into an advert marketing campaign, you possibly can anticipate x number of leads. However what I feel a lot of people fail to understand is that private investment in yourself isn’t quantitative at all. Like in case you spend money on a private coach, life coach, actual estate coach, or regardless of the case may be, uh, it’s on quantitative. So that you’re not capable of see the benefits in front of your face immediately, uh, but the inner expertise and information you purchase stay with you eternally, such as you mentioned. And due to that, I feel individuals just simply did not do it.

Kerry: Yeah, as a result of everyone these days needs immediate outcomes. And whenever you, when you have got that mentality with anything you do, even in your private life, you’ll by no means get the outcomes. So you must have a longterm technique regulation, like have sufferers, however you bought to place the time in and make the mistakes, study from these errors. You need to really analyze what you’ve accomplished flawed. How are you going to enhance? And I discover if you’re creating your expertise, you simply get better and higher what you do and need to get. Good instance is I might pay and get for advertising and get all these leads, but when my expertise are to not the very best normal, I’m going to lose 9 center those 10 leads. But when my talent is high, I’ll get at the very least eight or seven out of 10 leads

Kosta: Didn’t convert them. Precisely. So that you touched upon a number of of the belongings you do like a, you understand, actual property coach, a mindset coach as nicely.

Kerry: Yeah. Mindset, actual property coach, tapping more into the mindset as a result of I’m the most important, I feel situation with any business is your mindset. What’s between your two years, your mind there’s your worst enemy and when you can’t control that, you’re accomplished.

Kosta: Completely. And I like that. And also you’d go to plenty of conferences as nicely. What was it? Any, any convention that type of stuck out to probably the most?

Kerry: Yeah, I, uh, I’m, I’m concerned with the Mike Ferry Group and in addition, uh, with uh, John to Blair’s teaching. Um, and each these teaching, uh, platforms I find are very like the top end of the business. And uh, yeah, it’s good to be around once you go to these seminars, it’s good to be around like minded prime producing agents as a result of whenever you encompass your self round individuals which might be successful are doing higher than you, your, you gravitate to that, you, you’re all the time in a constructive angle. It’s things modified. Begin to change round you.

Kosta: For positive. I couldn’t agree extra on that. We touched upon this slightly bit before, but you already know, the market is clearly continuously changing. You see cycles come and go, which could be very natural. Um, however I feel it takes plenty of persistence and consistency like we talked about to face up to a, any of those forces that come your method, particularly in real estate markets. Uh, so what would you say are a number of the largest challenges you face as a realtor at this time?

Kerry: Uh, the most important challenges I confronted. That’s an excellent question. Um, that’s truly a query I ask my shoppers all the time. What’s your largest problem? It’s an important question to ask and lots of people in business don’t ask that question. That’s an excellent. Um, I might say on this you’re bombarded with so some ways of tackling the enterprise. So once more, it comes back to the mindset of issues and what you actually need in your small business. What do you want in your life? If you’re clear on what you need, you possibly can take things one step at a time fairly than being bombarded with I should do a bit of this I shouldn’t be doing and then you definitely’re taking out of your schedule is everywhere because most individuals aren’t clear on what they want. So, uh, once more, going again to the mindset coaching that I’m getting, it’s actually helped me with being clear on what I would like and narrowing things more, a weekly, quarterly, and, and I simply go after it that method and, and I’ve more peace of mind once I’m working.

Kosta: That’s a superb strategy. I mean just having a objective on the finish of the day, whether or not it’s a month-to-month, quarterly, yearly aim and then just kind of reverse engineer. So like what do you need to do each week or daily or each month to succeed in that aim. So yeah, totally is sensible. Yeah. Um, from what I do know of you carry, you seem to be very disciplined and inhabit targeted, which I feel is nice and essential. If you want to be successful in anything you do an enormous drawback. I see lots of realtors face is time management. So as a realtor, you understand, you really don’t have a hard and fast schedule in your each day. Um, so are there any day by day rituals that you simply do this help plan your days a bit better and assist you to get started on the proper foot? They have been capable of share?

Kerry: Oh sure, that’s, that’s a very good question as a result of I had an enormous break by way of a few month and a half in the past that I’d wish to share. Um, I was all the time going into that circle of I needed to comply with a schedule and I used to be getting off the schedule and uh, something I labored on with my mindset coach was that he caught was you want a hire, a private trainer. You have to rent a person who was telling me for a yr, it’s essential rent a personal coach. Why was he telling you that? As a result of if I begin my time off with assembly the private trainer in the morning, which now I wake up at five in the morning compared to seven, 7:30, I get up at five, meet my private trainer, 5:45. That’s how I begin my day and somebody’s waiting for me. I’m paying them. That was the most important breakthrough I had a month and a half in the past and since then my schedule truly has. I had been following my schedule much more religiously and stayed on the right track since I’ve been doing that.

Kosta: So That’s fascinating. Do you assume that change was as a result of the first thing you do once you wake up, such as you’re, you’re instantly accountable for another person.

Kerry: What? Instantly accountable and it’s the construction. Day by day’s the same. I rise up at five, growth, I’m off, I’m going to the health club.

Kosta: Fascinating. So for you, was it such as you needed that private trainer just to have the ability to be capable of get up at five each morning? Was I what it took?

Kerry: Okay. Because the accountability was there, but in addition guess what occurs as you’re doing this? It takes, it takes about two, three weeks to get used to it, but then you definitely begin feeling good. You have got extra power than you’re eating better. Then every part starts to align. Proper? So it’s. However it’s extra to it than just I’ve to satisfy the private trainer. I also have a robust why of why I’m even doing what I’m doing and I’m present to my spouse each day. I read my why every single day at this time. I read it 3 times and each time I learn it I used to be increasingly more motivated to make my calls at the moment. Superb. Yeah.

Kosta: Good. Um, so switching gears a bit of bit, what are some of your favourite and only advertising strategies that I’ve given you probably the most Roi that you would be able to share with their viewers? And I do know offline you talked about numerous success in your chilly calling for example. So simply questioning should you can share some strategies that have labored properly for you.

Kerry: Yeah, so proper now my two pillars of, of me calling is looking my database, so past shoppers, middle of affect, and then my other pillar is looking on the market by house owners because a whole lot of these individuals are making an attempt to promote on their own, however 95 % of them find yourself hiring a realtor there. There’s much more competition going after these, that pillar. However again, it’s made me push my expertise as much as a better degree due to that. And I specifically go after these two. Those are my two pillars of business. Would you say you’re on the telephone every single day? Monday to Friday for at the least minimum two hours within the morning to 3 hours. I’m on the telephones.

Kosta: Okay. What number of hours on average do you bang out in the day?

Kerry: My Minimal Commonplace, I attempt to do no less than 15. Typically I do extra, typically less. Um, it matters which pillar I’m calling. If I’m calling on the market by house owners, I get by way of much more. My database, it takes just a little bit longer because, you realize, I, I certain individuals like thought I like to speak longer so it might go somewhat bit longer, but I have a certain aim of how many I’ve to call every week.

Kosta: Good. Um, so that you mentioned, uh, you realize, using your database to undergo and sift via leads and call them, uh, what are some ways in which you’re leveraging know-how that will help you both grow or be extra environment friendly in your corporation?

Kerry:  Um, nicely I’ve an excellent website with net for realty. That’s a method. Nice plug. Thank you. Um, I attempted. It was your first, your first buyer. I consider

Kosta: You’re undoubtedly one of the, yeah, have been in all probability, if not the primary one of the handful of first.

Kerry: I imply I had a whole lot of compliments in your website, just like the, the, just like the how clean it was and all, how it was structured. Um, and then simply off of fb, Linkedin, I do a whole lot of youtube movies, shopper testimonials and movies of the properties that I record and selling open homes. Um, so a whole lot of issues like that I, I do, however one seminar a yr or two for a consumers and sellers, which utilizing social media to market it for future. I do need to do much more social media. However once more, my, my number one priority can be to do my prospecting that I do every single day and I might think about to me, I feel it’s necessary with the social media, uh, however the first step is to have good construction and to do your physical calls to your, your, your database first. However social media is necessary and as a, as a secondary with that, because it’s fascinating as a result of there’s some individuals you attempt to call and you may’t get ahold of, however once you send out an e mail or a something on social media, swiftly they’re responding. It’s fascinating. Some individuals respond that means solely. Yeah. I mean, I, I

Kosta: Completely agree. I feel social media is so, so essential. Especially nowadays. You simply received to take a look at individuals’s conduct and you understand, you look around, go stroll right into a mall or a coffee store and you’ll see individuals are simply on their phones, uh, know whether it’s browsing the Web, happening social media, fb, instagram. So understanding that folks’s conduct is on this gadget and on social media, you bought to ask your self as a business, okay, if individuals are right here, what can I do to, to get in front of, get, get, get a few of the individuals’s consideration no less than. So that’s all social media and simply, you already know, efficient methods to penetrate, um, this fixed stream of data that individuals are consuming. It’s robust, but I feel it is extremely, essential.

Kerry: Yeah, I feel creating good, like bringing value as an alternative of saying, Oh, I’m number one, I’m this, I’m that, that stuff, you recognize, I take a look at that, I’m like, okay, you got to actually give worth to individuals and then individuals will see that and you then’re building your model that approach. Proper? So that’s the best way. If I’m going on social media to construct more of a presence, it might be to try this. That’s why I do video testimonials. That’s why a number seminars for consumers and sellers to offer them worth.

Kosta: I feel one of many largest errors a whole lot of realtors make on social media and most realtors fall into this category, sadly it was like all of their posts are about like the newest itemizing they bought or know their current itemizing, which is great, don’t get me mistaken, however you understand, if I’m following this, this realtor and I’m the viewers, I’m not trying to promote my house or purchase a house proper now. In order that content material you’re putting out there’s completely irrelevant to me. So that you’re simply finding different artistic methods to get someone like myself. So rigidity. And that’s lots of people as properly. Not everyone seems to be trying to buy or promote in the mean time. In order a realtor, what other worth in addition to what listings and what you bought a can get individuals’s attention I feel is very important.

Kerry: Yes, I agree.

Kosta: So switching gears a bit of bit once more. Uh, I’m a numbers guy. I really like getting, just stepping into the income commissioners margins, all that fun stuff. Can you share with our audience how many transactions you’ve closed both last yr or plan to close this yr?

Kerry: Yeah, my range on my individual agent. So it’s simply myself, a no assistant. I’m truly hiring an assistant so in two weeks I’m going to have a full time assistant lastly. Um, and my vary is between 25 and 30 a yr alone.

Kosta: Good. And the. Yeah. Yeah. I used to be simply going to say, has that been like steady constant or has it been growing?

Kerry: Grand jury? Consistent for the final three, four years since I’ve been doing coaching and really Tony and my expertise up, I like, I elevated because I used to have her a bit bit. The little 20 earlier than.

Kosta: Yeah. Good. Strong numbers or are those all any leases there or is that only a.

Kerry: no, I don’t rely leases for my transactions. If I, I know what my average transaction. A commission. So with all the leases I do add as much as that solely then I rely that as a transaction. Proper.

Kosta: I acquired a very strong numbers. Thanks for sharing that. Um, any, any phrases of knowledge that you would give to both a brand new real estate agent or an agent that’s trying to take their enterprise to the subsequent degree?

Kerry: Yeah, new agents. I might simply say earlier than you determine even what brokerage to go together with because they’re all gonna offer you there, you need to be a part of us due to this, this and that. You need to be actually clear on what you need to get out of the brokerage first because typically all the flamboyant know-how or what they’re providing you won’t be what you want. My opinion is if you’re starting off, you got go somewhere the place they’re gonna offer you excellent palms on coaching. You’re gonna, study practical. Uh, you’re, you’re gonna study, you’re gonna truly be out there and do stuff and someone’s going to carry you accountable to it. That’s what you need to search for whenever you’re beginning off because I, I discover too many brokerages are recruiting individuals as quick as they arrive they usually go out, but they’re nonetheless making their money because that business mannequin still works, however it is best to go somewhere where they’re truly the truly know what they’re doing so far as like for talent constructing. Um, I, I feel that’s extra essential.

Kosta: Yeah. Assume that’s nice advice. It makes a whole lot of sense. Um, so about Gary, I do need to be aware of your time. I do end off each chat with what I name the top three. So number one, your prime real estate or a business e-book.

Kerry: Oh, my prime real estate e-book, which is fascinating because my, one among my coaches wrote this guide and I extremely advocate it for anybody starting off or anybody within the enterprise that’s been in the business for a long time. Uh, it’s referred to as unleashed secrets and techniques to interrupt by means of the 11 mindset obstacles to dramatically improve your real estate sales as we speak. So that guide is written by John Tumblers.

Kosta: Alright. So I’m not that into the present notes. I feel lots of people can go some undoubtedly nice value from that ebook.

Kerry: Oh yeah. And it’s all concerning the mindset, right? Which is so essential. And he’s a very good e-book. I read it already twice. And uh, you’re virtually any ebook you learn, you, it’s all the time good to be reading more than as soon as. You’ll, you’ll be in a special stage in your profession. But this ebook, it’s a guide you can read again and again.

Kosta: Good. Thanks for sharing that number to already know the reply to this one by your prime vacation spot.

Kerry: Greece. Number two is Bahamas.

Kosta: Good. Uh, and quantity three. Um, so Kerry, how previous are you? I simply turned 39 on Saturday on the 13th of all. Completely happy Belated. Thank you. Uh, so when you can return 19 years, what do you would like your 20 yr previous self knew?

Kerry: Like 20 or so yr previous self from you? You don’t let. It’s an fascinating question you ask. It’s an excellent query, however I wouldn’t change something.

Kerry: As a result of see, a lot of people say, Oh, I ought to’ve accomplished this. Should’ve achieved that. However you recognize what? That’s what life is about you. You make mistakes, you study things as a result of that’s what was alleged to occur.

Kosta: Very properly stated. Yup. And uh, lastly, if individuals needed to only get a hold of you or reach out, where’s the most effective place they will discover you?

Kerry: Um, greatest place is uh, my cellphone is 416 76 5379. Or in the event that they shoot me an e-mail and I’ll carry you So That’s

Kosta: Good. All that info in the show notes. Kerry, thanks a lot for taking the time to do this. I’m out a whole lot of enjoyable. We should always undoubtedly do it once more a while.

Kerry: Yeah, and thank you for, uh, for having me and I really respect it and I’m very pleased with you and your company rising as they’ve had and uh, doing things like this. That is good.

Kosta: Thanks so much. And likewise, it’s been a pleasure watching your corporation develop over the yr so I actually inspiring as nicely. Thank you. All right, Kerry, we’ll speak soon.

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