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Top Agent Podcast Episode 12: Matti Saran

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Kosta: On this episode, I’m speaking with Matti Saran, a real estate dealer with Royal Lepage Matti’s been within the business now for over nine years. She’s a multiple gross sales award winner and undoubtedly has a ardour for offering genuine and trustworthy worth to her shoppers. We’re discussing how she books 1 to 2 gross sales appointments per day via door knocking and how she’s on pace to shut 60 plus transactions this yr alone. So undoubtedly an insightful interview I don’t need to miss and I hope you take pleasure in it.

Matti: Matti, thanks a lot for approaching the Top Agent Podcast. Really recognize your time. No, thank you for having me. Awesome. Um, for those who just need to get began, perhaps inform our viewers a bit about your self, your background, and how you bought into real estate.

Matti: Oh, okay. I principally, someone truly I used to be in hospitality and someone beneficial me that I might be really good in real property and I by no means thought I might, I might take it on. But with my background with shoppers servicing as well as, negotiation expertise, they noticed some potential, in my expertise and that I, you recognize, I checked out extra in, deeper into it and investigate it, and I assumed, yeah, this can be a good match for me on the time and didn’t understand what it all meant at the time as properly. So, I stated, let me attempt it and a brand new change in my life and started to take the courses and really loved it. And then principally my company experience helped me into the actual estate in because it’s your personal business and it’s a must to have a mindset of professionalism in, in real property since you’re principally your personal boss. In order that, that’s where it just took off then.

Kosta: Superb. So, how long now have you been a realtor?

Matti: Nine years. Yes.

Kosta: Okay. And so I see now you’re a a number of, master sales award recipient for Royal Lepage. Congratulations on that. To start with, thank you. Thank you. From my understanding, right me if I’m flawed, however that recognizes brokers in the prime 11th, the 20th percentile in residential sales. That’s right. And that’s, you recognize, quite a, fairly an achievement in such a company like royal a web page. Are you on monitor to match or beat that focus on this yr in 2018?

Matti: Yes. I feel I’m going for a Gold subsequent step up from, from this category. What’s the gold? So it’s a, it’s a gold. Yeah. Yeah. So I feel I pretty much I focused that award.

Kosta: Okay. So, so if the gross sales grasp sales target is the top 11th, the 20th percentile, what would the aim be thought-about?

Matti: Um, I don’t know the numbers off hand utterly, however I know that it’s greater than the masters and you must do a specific amount of sales. So I feel this provides you about 30, 35. That in all probability provides you about 65 to over 75 gross sales per yr.

Kosta: Okay, good. Yeah, so I know like outcomes change obviously yr over yr, relying on the state of the market, house prices, transactions and all that. However, roughly how many transactions did it take to succeed in that degree in 2017? The grasp sales or word?

Matti: I’m about 20. Twenty five roughly. Yeah.

Kosta: Okay, good. And this yr you’re on monitor to do plus 30? Yeah. So it’s nice. Yeah, it’s a great feeling. Yeah, that’s huge time numbers. Congratulations.

Matti: No, thanks.

Kosta: You stated you’ve been in real property now, 9 years. What would you say are a number of the largest challenges that you simply’ve needed to overcome or even at present dealing with as a realtor?

Matti: I feel a serious challenges our emotions of people, um, it’s, it’s understanding the 2 totally different, you already know, particularly when it’s a husband and spouse, one could be stronger than the opposite and much more hooked up or emotional. In order that’s making an attempt to stability the two. however when you understand that, then it’s the problem you’ve crossed the hurdle. However the preliminary levels, that’s the place it’s tougher and in addition, um, you understand, uh, the perception of consumers and sellers of what an agent does, um, you understand, to get the gross sales and to teach to offer the information and the talents. Some consumers and sellers are usually not actually conscious of what’s behind the scenes utterly. And I feel that’s, that’s a notion like loads of consumers and sellers don’t understand the background research, to get to the results. And that’s, again, it’s educating and giving them enough of a communication and knowledge saying, this is the place I received to to get you what you recognize, to advise you and information you. I feel that’s really necessary and it’s a must to do your homework, do your background, verify on all the things. I feel that’s actually key.

Kosta: Absolutely. I fascinating perspective there about human conduct as a result of I need to ask this question. Um, you recognize, a variety of occasions individuals inform me, you realize, the challenges of, you recognize, advertising and current state of the market and what have you. But I like what you stated there about human conduct because at the finish of the day, obviously real estate continues to be, you realize, it’s a gross sales job, it’s a, you already know, you’re interacting with individuals and just understanding I assume human conduct and with the ability to cope with totally different personalities, virtually chameleon like I feel is essential. Did you have got any previous expertise in that regard and together with your, your past company work, work setting or.

Matti: Yes, nevertheless it was on a special degree as a result of it’s not personal, proper? It’s more skilled. Um, if it wasn’t as personal the place, you recognize, you’re, this can be a giant, a large tickets financially. So it is, it’s, you recognize, individuals are lot more emotional at this level because it’s their residence.

Kosta:  Absolutely. And any ideas or advice you’d give to other realtors to reinforce their, their individuals expertise are like, you recognize, extra particularly with like human conduct and simply understanding personalities.

Matti: I feel it’s, more than anything, endurance, it’s actually endurance and beneath really attending to know the shopper and um, and if it’s a husband and wife, it’s the 2 companions and actually understanding what they’re too robust strengths are and um, and enhancing these. I feel that’s. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s the important thing.

Kosta: I feel that basically goes alongside means in real property for positive. A hundred percent. One of many different massive challenges I hear a whole lot of realtors face is time administration. So, you already know, a realtor obviously doesn’t actually have a hard and fast schedule and your each day. So, you recognize, are there any every day rituals or routines that you’ve that help get started on the suitable foot and just provide help to plan your days a bit higher?

Matti: Yeah. I might say, uh, you understand, you’re all the time need to prospect and you all the time need to get more enterprise as a result of that shouldn’t be on a standstill. Every part else can in all probability be more, much more manageable moderately than like if there’s a deadline on her all for something, but I feel we get bombarded with a number of administrative tasks and what I found is, okay, you recognize what, that’s not, it will be significant, however at the similar time I’m getting business and build up your of shoppers is, it is extremely crucial as a result of that’s your bread and butter. So yeah, in order that’s the place I try to focus extra on and it’s, it’s a undoubtedly a balancing act.

Kosta: Yeah. So how do you combat the though that essential at Admin work that’s required?

Matti: Once more, it’s time administration actually have some sort of a spotlight, you understand, set an hour or two for administrative and advertising and then you definitely’re out on the sector. I feel that’s key. Yeah.

Kosta: Do you employ any specific instruments or apps that show you how to with that?

Matti: I’m simply Google and I’m a crm system. Yeah. And that’s, that’s principally it. You retain it simple as attainable.

Kosta: Okay, good. Yeah. I’m switching gears a bit of bit, like what are some of your favorite and only advertising strategies that will help you generate new leads and new business? That have given you probably the most ROI that you simply’re capable of share with our viewers.

Matti: From my experience, it’s principally door knocking, simple and door knocking as well as, your advertising material that you simply’ve door knocked ’em. Maintain it constant so, you realize, when you’re doing newsletters, make hold them consistent, consistent each month just because they need to familiarize you together with your face and your and your info, um, the householders and go back into your farm space and knock again. Um, it, it really helps.

Kosta: Let’s dig deeper into the door knocking because I feel that’s essential. Um, so, so to begin with, how typically do you door knock is sort of a day by day factor?

Matti: Every day. Every single day. Yes. Every single day. And relying on the climate, depending on the.

Kosta: Yeah, especially within the winter, you recognize, depending on winters, we all know that.

Matti: Yeah. So really? Yeah. So it’s really relying on the climate. So my, my, um, my day by day routine truly is, is planned in response to the climate.

Kosta: Is sensible, is sensible to me. Why there’s great. Like you’re on the market each single day.

Matti: Yes.

Kosta: How long often or how many doorways do knock day by day?

Matti: I might say about an hour and a half. Um, is sweet and that’s the typical and I might do about least a road and a half, which is might be ranged from, you realize, 25 to 30 houses.

Kosta: And do you focus your efforts in a specific farming area or are you shifting around?

Matti: Yeah, I have to. Farming areas that I attempt to concentrate on.

Kosta: Okay, good. How do you go about selecting a farm space? Is it like an area you reside in, grew up in?

Matti: Um, it’s a mixture of, um, the activity within the space, one thing that I’m acquainted with, um, and I feel additionally dwelling within the space helps as nicely. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s as a result of considered one of one among my farming area is an space that I reside in and then the other one is the place I grew up in. So yeah, I might say one thing that you simply’re conversant in and in addition where we attempt to capture them the place there’s not lots of realtors in that space as properly. A number of indicators.

Kosta: Makes Sense. Makes Sense. Yeah. And also you mentioned a advertising materials when you door knock. Are you able to increase on that type of, what’s your recreation plan whenever you’re truly at the door or chatting with somebody?

Matti: Principally simply introducing myself. I don’t, I’m not aggressive on would you wish to promote or, or what not, just introducing myself in the neighborhood and then um, after uh, you recognize, depending on the communication and the way open they are, um, if they provide me their emails, their telephone numbers and if they agree on having a publication, um, you realize, I thank them for that and send them a thank, you already know, the subsequent day in that week. Okay. Yeah. So very personalised.

Kosta: Yeah. Yeah. I’m only a curious query. Lastly with the door knocking. So in a road, for example, that, that you simply canvas, uh, do you will have any conversion numbers, like how many appointments you e-book after a day’s work of door knocking for instance?

Matti: I might say I target about least one to two. Yeah. Wow, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah. Typically one to at least one or two per day. But the common is one or two typically. Nicely truly it really varies as a result of in the summer and spring, relying on the season as nicely. So that you may get a bit of bit more leads or during like the summer time and spring season and naturally winter very, very sluggish.

Kosta: Okay. But you common it out to a one, one or two. Nice. Good. Okay. And that’s your. So door knocking. Simply to wrap up that when it comes to your advertising, you’d say is, you realize, a big a part of your advertising strategy. Would you say that’s a, we’re all of your leads come from or do you do any online stuff as properly to go with that or?

Matti:  Um, not likely. Not as a lot. No. I imply I’ll do fb and I’ll do instagram and all do, however not as aggressively. And never as persistently as I would really like. And naturally I do newsletters to my database. Yeah.

Kosta: Okay. So That’s fascinating. So that’s a great lead off to my next query is, um, you already know, know-how, uh, and the way, how you see know-how altering real estate in the subsequent 5 to 10 years, whether or not it’s the best way consumers search for houses or do the research or your sellers are tiny and in social media as properly to that.

Matti: I feel it’s less wording, extra footage is his instagram has simply taken off. I feel individuals love that. They don’t need to learn quite a bit on the internet as a result of they’re bombarded with their very own emails and, and others, um, work associated things on the web. So, um, I feel it’s more visual, much less wording. Um, I don’t know what the subsequent, um, you realize, how fb is, or instagram or, or different avenues. What’s the subsequent huge thing? I, I couldn’t say it’s onerous to say.

Kosta: Yeah, for positive. It’s inconceivable to predict actually. Do you see yourself getting more lively on social media?

Matti: Um, I want to, sure. I’m in all probability more, um, in the direction of something like instagram the place it’s, you understand, you’re giving them extra visible stuff.

Kosta: So yeah, it’s fascinating. You’re, you’re, whenever you’re first the solutions to my query, the way you answered with um, you already know, individuals expertise and human conduct, right? And personalities and stuff. I see social media tying in like, you already know, quite a bit to that because if you realize, to be good at advertising with something, you bought to know individuals and you already know, individuals’s behaviors and these days such as you go searching, you already know, go to a coffee shop, walk around the mall, like individuals’s behaviors are on their cell telephones, on their cellular units. So you’re not as a marketer, you’re, you’re understanding how individuals behave nowadays. Um, you already know, it’s a question advocate if individuals are or occasions are consumed on their units and what can I do as a business to get in front and capture a few of that individual’s consideration a minimum of for, for a minute or a couple of seconds. In order that’s where I feel social media is available in and you recognize, efficient social media, you’ll be able to penetrate a few of that and then be at the forefront.

Matti: Yes. That is undoubtedly, I feel you, it’s more personalised in this, particularly whenever you’re coping with a house, um, and it’s, you recognize, they will put a face and get extra info that method and I feel that’s extra essential. That’s extra invaluable.

Kosta: Yeah, completely. What are some, have you ever acquired any dangerous advice or suggestions in real estate? Um, you already know, even perhaps if you’re starting out, for instance, that you simply wouldn’t need to repeat to anybody?

Matti: I feel more of making an attempt to know as a lot as potential on our deal and masking all points. I mean, I’m still learning, um, you recognize, every transaction, each deal is totally different. Um, and I discover that each time I’m studying one thing or the opposite that simply to protect my shoppers and even just a few clauses or this must be put in or that ought to be put in relying on the dynamics of how a purchaser and vendor are considering. Um, so I may give you an instance is, you already know, a simple identify change of an amendment on, on, uh, on no settlement and buy and sale. You’d assume that’s pretty open in immediately’s market as a result of relying on, you understand, whenever you get, they could need to change their identify from the husband to the wife the place, um, I skilled only recently that some sellers will query that and saying, wait a minute, why are you guys altering it?

Matti: They, they think of it as a pink flag, however financially we’re not advisable method we don’t give that recommendation. And, and that was one thing that there’s a, there is a clause that you would be able to put in and saying that the customer has the appropriate to vary the identify. Um, so yeah, it’s a simple thing like that, particularly with mortgage mortgage, um, when new mortgage rules and whatnot and if they should change the identify, it ought to be a easy as potential, however it’s, we had a difficult seller that didn’t feel snug and um, it, it was fairly the problem to vary that.

Kosta: Oh, that’s fascinating. I imagine are lots of little advantageous particulars and nuances similar to that, that you simply don’t make a difference between, you already know, somebody who actually knows their stuff and offering that good high quality service in comparison with someone who’s, who’s not

Matti: Right. Yeah. So I might say, you understand, the more, the extra safety and, and overlaying all facet is necessary, but you understand, you’re nonetheless studying at this stage. I imply, even once I first began and the arrogance builds quite a bit, a lot more. So once I first started, my confidence wasn’t there as much. For now I’m fairly assured. Um, and, however there’s all the time a, you understand, there’s all the time a curve typically whenever you’re like, oh my God, I assumed I coated all the things.

Kosta: I feel absolutely. As with something, you recognize, any career you’re in, I don’t assume the training ever stops. Even in my business. I’m learning something you actually every single day and I feel you need to be that approach. I imply, just really good your craft and be the perfect at what you do.

Matti: Yes. That’s so true. That’s so true. Yeah. Oh good.

Kosta: So let’s, perhaps, I do need to be aware of your time. I do finish off every chapter with what I call the highest three. Proper. Okay. Alright. So primary, your prime real estate or a enterprise e-book,

Matti: Top real estate or enterprise guide? I might say, um, I had come throughout a e-book on negotiations and it was the most effective, um, the. Yes, the secrets of real property. I feel it was the secrets and techniques of actual estate. We’re build

Kosta: About negotiation primarily?

Matti: Uh, sure, main I consider so I’ve to double verify. Um,

Kosta: so send it to me, I’ll added to the present notes for positive. Assume negotiation in real estate as a aspect might be probably the most necessary talent sets to actually master.

Matti: Sure, I, I, you’re absolutely right. I feel that that may be a main talent that you need to have in, in real property and if, if it’s little ideas that you could study from, you realize, I’m studying one thing about somebody’s experience, uh, in, in once they have been in the business, it actually helps.

Kosta: Absolutely. Yeah. I’m going to take a look at that e-book. I feel, um, provide a variety of value to clients as properly.

Matti: Yeah, no, I’ll undoubtedly ship you the title and the writer’s identify.

Kosta: Yeah, please do. Yeah. Quantity two, your prime trip spot.

Matti: Um, Greece.

Kosta: It’s good being Greek myself. I’m glad you stated that.

Matti: Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I didn’t experience the, um, the town, however undoubtedly the islands.

Kosta: Which islands did you go to? Santorini, lovely. And I truly acquired married there a couple of years in the past.

Matti: Oh my gosh. Wow. That’s lovely. That’s very nice. Oh, that should have been.

Kosta: It was unimaginable. Absolutely beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. And uh, final question, uh, for those who can go back, what do you would like your 20 yr previous self knew?

Matti: Um, I feel it’s in all probability, I want I knew tips on how to. I wish I knew that I was good in actual property. I wish I’d discovered my, um, my career earlier on an earlier stage.

Kosta: Fascinating. Okay. So get started earlier.

Matti: Yes. Yes. I feel that may have. Um, but I assume you must undergo certain steps in life to understand that’s where you need to be.

Kosta: For positive. Sure. And uh, if, if anyone needed to get a hold of their attain, oh, where’s one of the best place to seek out you?

Matti: I might say my e mail is [email protected]

Kosta: Alright, good. Will add in the show notes. Matti, thanks so much for doing this. I had a blast. Thanks a lot. No, thanks. Thank you. It was great speaking to you and I’m all the time a pleasure. All proper, recognize it. Thanks Matti. Okay, bye.

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