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Top Agent Podcast Episode 13: Bradley Harman

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Kosta: In this episode, I’m speaking with Bradley Harman a realtor within the Toronto area. Bradley’s listing of credentials and accomplishments are virtually too lengthy to record his involvement in each the actual property business by means of associations and his work in his group have made him a multi award profitable Realtor, a true entrepreneur from a very young age. He obtained into real estate at only 22. He’s been within the business now over eight years and is the youngest director in Ontario Actual Property Affiliation historical past. He was the youngest president of the Brampton Actual Property Board amongst many, many different recognitions. We’re stepping into lots of subjects on this episode, together with the best way to become involved in your group to propel your actual property enterprise and the significance of social media advertising ideas and even his certainly one of a sort virtual excursions which have gone viral. I had a number of enjoyable speaking with Bradley. So with out additional ado, here’s our chat. All Proper, Bradley, thanks so much for becoming a member of me on the highest agent podcast. Really respect it.

Bradley: Yeah, I’m glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me on.

Kosta: Superb. So, Bradley, you have got one of the longest cvs I’ve ever seen. Uh, Let me identify off a few of your credentials. Youngest director in Ontario, actual estate association history, youngest president in Brampton Real Property Board history. I consider BREB is the quickest growing actual estate board in Canada. Is that also right?

Bradley: Yeah. So BREB truly was rising by double digits for fairly a while. Uh, I can’t affirm whether or not or not it’s still growing at double digits immediately. I do know that the business has seen the most important number of realtors. I’m definitely inside the regulation. Nicely, virtually just about ever. And BREB has been main the best way. Lots of that has to do with the fact that Brampton is the second quickest growing city in Canada followed, uh, obviously the primary one was milton, however Milton’s also smaller, um, and uh, you realize, it’s, it’s been seen vital amounts of progress, but in addition breadth has actually reformed its value proposition to its membership and, uh, and that’s had a huge effect on people who, and brokerages who endorse other agents coming to, uh, to that board.

Kosta: Received It, received it. So, yeah, youngest president in historical past, I’m also a recipient of the OREA management award two occasions and Centurion award winner and Masters Emerald Award winner with Century 21. So all superb stuff. Uh, congratulations on all that by the best way, which I to get into. However before that, why don’t you kick things off by simply telling us a bit about yourself, your background, and the way you got into real property.

Bradley: Positive. For starters, I’m a, I’m a father of two husband landlord. Uh, obviously a entrepreneur. I do a variety of artistic issues for video, but, um, I’ve been working since I was 12 and the, within the grand scheme of things a largely to do with my upbringing. I’m from throwing a hail of Bay, a Bay hails hails anyhow. Uh, but anyway, so the long shorter is I’ve been working so much and I went by way of challenge management owning and operating a window cleansing franchise, uh, working at Cintas and I was even in the Canadian Forces, uh, as an infantry officer. But, um, the problem was a, I’d undergo these jobs and, uh, only after a brief period within the jobs I’d take a look at the place it might be within the next five to 10 years and whether or not that company a match my imaginative and prescient for myself and, uh, you realize, in, in all of those situations, I just couldn’t see myself being glad with the top end result.

Bradley: Um, and uh, in the future I used to be working with my neighbor who’s additionally a contractor. Once I, once I was concerned in that, we have been sitting on a, uh, should, we have been engaged on a steel roof installing a metal roof. And by some means the conversation received up and he hinted that I ought to look into moving into actual property and a type of little seed. It grew over time and, uh, I assume, um, I had a chance, type of a fork in the street, uh, on the corporate aspect. I was going to go through a working in venture management with Exhibit Show Firm in Toronto. Um, but I, uh, I didn’t feel like I was, uh, uh, didn’t feel like I used to be going to be rewarded to the identical degree of my output and I felt the only means I can get that’s by placing, uh, placing the trouble in and taking the danger of being an entrepreneur. And real estate happened to open that door for me. So it provided that freedom of selection, the opportunity to be my very own boss and uh, actually, uh, both charge, limitless revenue or you realize, you haven’t any ceiling, however you also haven’t any flooring. Um, so give you a chance for that private progress, which is what attracted me to it.

Kosta: Completely. Adore it. So, so how long have you been an actual property or licensed realtor?

Bradley: Uh, so since 2010 is once I started, um, uh, it’s fascinating though as a result of, uh, at the moment, um, it was solely 20 years previous. I was 22 once I began, however a 20 years previous I had my son and we have been dwelling in a basement house. Um, and uh, you already know, simply getting by and um, the fascinating half is how a lot drive you have got a, uh, once you, when you have got so much duty at such a young age. And so for me, um, I, I actually only had sufficient money from, for what I assumed I had enough cash to, to, to check out the enterprise for about six months. Somewhat did I understand how much cash it truly takes to run a real estate business. So I burned by way of that actual quick and uh, but I gave myself six months and if I didn’t assume I might reduce it by the top of the six months aspect, I’d, uh, I’d return to my previous job. So, um, however fortunately I caught it by way of and it definitely wasn’t straightforward, however that’s how I kinda received right here.

Kosta: Yeah, no, that, that’s an unimaginable story. I’ve a seven month previous myself and I inform you, as soon as a household comes into the combination, your “why” turns into very clear very quickly.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah. You don’t actually have a selection. It’s Kinda like a, it’s like grease. So that you’re burning your personal, uh, your boats and also you’re on the seashore. It’s both you win or you die.

Kosta: Precisely. Would you think about yourself entrepreneurial growing up or was that something you kind of acquired into it later?

Bradley: Oh, totally. No, I acquired into it right early. My mother, uh, my mom, I grew up with a single, a father or mother and a. So my mom, she all the time had three jobs. Uh, she was all the time hustling, uh, to the, uh, to the craziest degree and she or he would take us along literally, um, uh, to work together with her. At one point she was promoting a counterfeit clothing and uh, my brothers and I might carry the luggage out and in of the automotive and we might be doing, um, uh, you recognize, Kinda just like the tupperware parties at individuals’s homes the place individuals have been like my mum over to deliver over the garments and nobody needs to pay, you understand, without stepping into too nicely, it’s a very long time ago. Nike’s and Adidas and all that fun stuff. So everybody was getting these counterfeit stuff in order that, uh, they might avoid wasting bucks.

Bradley: And that was type of the environment I grew up in was, you understand, wherever you can also make a greenback, you simply hustled to do it. And so one among my first ventures was throughout recess in grade faculty. I, uh, I convinced my mother to let me buy those bins of sweet, like, you understand, these, those plastic tupperware things of filled with candy. I’d promote the candy for twenty five cents at recess to the youngsters and uh, and I made a tidy profit then and I sort of simply rolled with it afterwards. I borrowed a neighbor’s lawn more so I might minimize everybody grass on the street after which gave them again the lawnmower and I reduce his grass at no cost. Um, after which so on, so forth. But like I’ve type of, for me it’s all the time wanting on the, uh, those alternatives. Um, you already know, cash has all the time been something that’s been essential for me. And so, uh, so using that creativity in the fitting path has been exceptionally useful.

Kosta: A number of the hustle. And so that you seem to be very concerned in each the actual property business, within associations and locally. How necessary is that involvement to your success as a realtor?

Bradley: Nicely, it’s, it’s fascinating. Uh, the group is one thing that I feel that simply comes out organically. I identical to fusing it into my enterprise, however what I do with organized actual property, um, you recognize, I mentioned earlier that once I started I had a, you already know, I had numerous things on the line, a variety of issues relying on me to achieve success and just so occurred I come out a brand new member orientation at the brand and actual property board. And the, uh, the president pulls me aside and says, it is best to become involved and having, you already know, like a sheep in with the wolves. I’m like, okay. And so I, I, I jumped in and I started volunteering my time and I began to understand how rewarding it will be, not only for the business however for myself. Um, as a result of I used to be now working with dealer house owners, managers, people who have been clearly profitable after which wanting to offer back after having many years of expertise, you realize, quite than being the, the man who’s just making an attempt to take a look at, okay, how can I make the subsequent guide I’m now studying longterm, uh, how these individuals received to where they went.

Bradley: And, and I’m, I’m working with them each day, um, and you recognize, as you climb the ladder in organized actual estate, you start to cope with people who have been by way of every part that you simply probably undergo yourself and you may’t assist however be a, you already know, upgrading yourself by being around people who are far ahead of you, uh, within the, in the massive image. So

Kosta: Yeah, I really like that. There’s no higher training for my part and just always being around individuals who have carried out it or are there profitable individuals in your business or different industries and simply, you already know, gaining that, that insight continuously from these individuals is massively rewarding I feel. Yeah. What are some methods you possibly can recommend to someone who needs to get more concerned of their group or again, concerned in, in, within the business, for instance?

Bradley: Nicely, I’m an enormous. I’m an enormous advocate for win win conditions. And so the best way I, the best way I see it as first you got to be captivated with what you’re going to do. You bought truly care concerning the trigger. Don’t just do it for, you already know, for those who, should you assume you’re going to get something out of it since you’re not going to have your coronary heart in it. And other people will see right by way of that. Um, for me, um, you understand, uh, a number of the issues that I do inside the group, like what I like politics, uh, you recognize, that also helps that I’m in organized real property because there’s numerous politics in that as properly. But, um, I like politics. So what I did this yr, uh, for the, uh, uh, uh, municipal elections is, I interviewed all the candidates operating for a council, the deputy mayor and mayor, and then I put it on the market and I did it at my very own value.

Bradley: Uh, there was, I did a totally unbiased and neutral place and the group beloved it. They ate it up. Another thing I do is I do group movies, a withdrawn and ground a videography. Um, some interview, um, for example, my Orangeville video, that is the place I reside now, however I do work at Brampton to. But my Orangeville video, I had, I feel I had over 200,000 views on fb. Um, uh, and this was a video I made for Orangeville to advertise the, you realize, the awesomeness of my city. Um, and uh, subsequent factor I do know inside the first two weeks of it being up there, I had virtually a thousand shares and it’s just people who either lived in Orangeville or who had recognized about Orangeville or who appreciated the video. And then I noticed the facility of just offering worth. Uh, I’m a robust believer that for those who present more value than you obtain, then individuals will recognize you and understand that you simply’re genuine.

Bradley: And I don’t imply that you could go broke. Lots of people assume that once I say that, uh, I’m insinuating that you must give extra money. No. If, when you’re making a sure sum of money, be sure that the one that will get the service that you simply’re offering receives extra value than what they perceived that cash’s value in order that they maintain coming back. And it’s the same thing you need to give to receive. And for me, that’s why I do one other factor is known as the gingerbread man contest. And so that’s the place we do a, I give out gingerbread houses and that is the loopy time of yr that I do it. I gown up as Santa Claus. Uh, I’ve my part of my business companion gown up as an Elf and uh, we go round to the homes in our geographic farms. This is the place we door knock.

Bradley: So we have now one in Brampton and heart lake and we have now one in Orangeville and uh, we go to the homes and the families that we’ve already spoken to and I, you realize, I allow them to know we’re coming and I’m going as Santa Ana and give them a gingerbread house. And on the gingerbread house is, uh, is, uh, is just about the directions for the competition. They build the gingerbread house, tag us on social media, Hashtag gingerbread man. And um, and then, uh, my son and daughter decide one, a home that they assume is the very best one. And this yr the competition winners, their family, your complete household get to go to medieval occasions. Uh, but we’re also doing two, a two prizes to medieval occasions for the family this yr as a result of individuals have gotten quite aggressive, you understand, we’ve had, we’ve had windmills, all types of stuff that folks have made out of the gingerbread houses. And so this second one is only for a random in order that, you already know, if somebody’s youngsters making it they usually’re eating the sweet on the similar time, it doesn’t come out the greatest, they still have a chance to win.

Kosta: That’s so unimaginable. No, it’s so inspiring to listen to that as properly. And I couldn’t agree extra with what you stated a few value and just giving back to your group in case you can. And I feel the world works in actually unimaginable in that sense, in that the whole lot comes back round, you really obtain what you set out there. And I feel that’s so essential. Yeah. I’m bearing on social media, uh, because you introduced it up. So you’re very lively on social media, which is nice. Uh, you’re definitely attracting individuals’s consideration, which is how I came across you as nicely. Uh, so that’s a testament to one thing’s working there. What kind of success are you seeing together with your exercise in social media, whether or not it’s with brand recognition and even attracting leads? Any insights that you could share?

Bradley: Yeah, definitely. Um, so social media is a, it’s an enormous animal. Uh, you understand, you gotta take it chew measurement at a time. I like to make use of it as a device to leverage my actions. Um, I still consider that this enterprise is a belly to stomach voice to voice, um, individuals have to see you as a way to need to work with you. But the social media element, uh, is exceptionally helpful as a result of it’s leveraged, right? I can make a video having a message that I might have an intimate message with someone else, then I can share that with my database. I can share that with the people who, who already know me, uh, at, at a velocity that may in any other case have been unattainable. But in addition it allows your model to construct. So, you realize, you speak about, um, uh, you already know, speak about brand building in terms of social media.

Bradley: That’s one of the simplest ways to do it. And I’m an enormous fan of Youtube as a longterm investment in terms of social media due to the Google search engine, however on the facebook and Instagram, I see it as extra brief time period as far as leads generated from that. Um, I undoubtedly, I’ve, I’ve had many leads come from it. The large ticket is to get them off of the platform after which onto your website the place then they, then you’ll be able to monitor their activities. Uh, you possibly can, uh, you’ll be able to decide, you recognize, what listings they could be taking a look at or additionally they may just contact you outright for a, uh, a good market analysis and so forth. But social media is a, is a priceless software. I feel I personally have fallen into the lure of it a pair occasions where for those who rely too heavily on it for enterprise, um, you’ll be able to, uh, you’ll be able to turn round taking a look at an empty hand down the street, however you must, you must combine it together with your actions which are outdoors of social media to be able to really get the results that you simply need in the present day. Uh, it’s a good longterm investment because individuals do, they could need to work with you, but before they decide to you, they’re gonna verify you out online. And that’s why I make investments heavily into that play into those platforms.

Kosta: I totally agree at some really good advice there. One thing I needed to ask you as nicely, so that you’ve been doing a brand new sort of digital tour, I assume you possibly can say, as I saw in one among your newest linkedin posts, something I’ve never seen earlier than to be trustworthy. So can you inform us about what you’re doing with these movies?

Bradley: Yeah. So again, this, this type of ties with the rationale why I do group movies when there’s no house particular home involved. Individuals in, uh, in the GTA are having a real troublesome time. A half of the consumers, greater than half of the consumers in the GTA are our millennials. It’s the subsequent largest demographic. It’s greater than the child boomers have been. And so as far as I’m concerned, these individuals are getting priced out of the communities that they grew up in they usually’re being pressured to move to communities. They know very little about, and so for, so far as I’m involved, there’s two issues that I needed to do. Um, individuals are being overwhelmed by the content material on-line. They must be intrigued or enticed to observe content material that’s salesy. And so for me, I like to tell the story. Individuals need to hear your story. They need to feel emotions. Uh, and, and so the best way I do videos is making an attempt so as to add people to them because in any other case, you realize, video is already a step above footage as a result of emotion, sorry, movement creates emotion. Um, and so that’s why videos are higher than footage, however what’s even better than video is by implementing the life-style. Individuals need to know what they’re buying and once they have been perceived, once they take a look at a seeing a household in a home is they will see themselves in that place. Um, and in order that’s why, you recognize, in the video you saw was one I had for 24 handover in Brampton. It was a rental and I confirmed lots of people take into consideration condos. You present footage and you’re solely seeing the unit. Perhaps it’s a thousand. This one was 1200 square ft, so you could have two bedrooms, two loos and dining, front room and kitchen. Properly, that’s not probably the most intriguing factor to be watching for 2 minutes. Whereas in the event you begin saying, okay, properly now I’m going to put two youngsters in in bunk beds. I’m going to put me waking up and hitting the alarm as a result of that is my regular day. Uh, you recognize, I’m making breakfast with the youngsters. Then we exit and then perhaps we use the swimming pool or in that video we used the squash courtroom. I’m in another video. We did, there was a bowling alley. We showed utilizing the bowling alley and we, we received even a strike on tape.

Bradley: These are all issues that may then create a tangible impact, uh, for the viewer to understand themselves using these amenities because you’re paying for them. And for those who’re going to buy a constructing, don’t you need to know all the issues which might be included and you may’t do a greater job than to point out it truly getting used fairly than simply displaying a nonetheless image of a, of a, uh, a bowling alley or a still image of a pool. Um, I really need to convey the viewer with me to experience what the, the apartment or the constructing or the house or the house has to offer. And we additionally do this with communities because again, individuals are coming from outdoors. They need to know what they will do on this new place that’s overseas to them.

Kosta: Yeah, totally agree. I’m undoubtedly going to share a couple of these movies within the show notes. I feel loads of our audience will get numerous nice value out of that. They’re really properly completed. Do you’ve got background in video production or media or anything?

Bradley: No, by no means. I started the best way I do it is a philosophy of continuous improvement. I’m continuously, I really like the format I really like. I really like what you can do with it. You already know, I, I continuously go back to this budweiser business the place it’s a horse and a puppy and a, at the end of the business, everybody knows it’s a beer business, but, uh, individuals are actually crying and picture in, in, in 30 seconds or much less, you getting somebody to cry. You’ll be able to’t have a more highly effective tools in that. And, uh, if we will just harness that, uh, you already know, our advertising turns into less of a hindrance or an annoyance for individuals however becomes more leisure. And that’s how one can get outcomes online is by making entertainment, uh, making your message into an entertaining and informative a format. And so for video, no, I started off novice. I started off, um, but I, I’ve all the time bought into the platform.

Bradley: I used to be doing this properly before it turned a fad or something that other individuals did. I had, I had my drone license, uh, I went to Waterloo, Wellington airport to do the complete a weekend course and get my certification. All of this. Properly before this was even a topic within the business. And I grant a number of this for website to the truth that I’m an organized real estate because I was capable of go to the USA, I was capable of go to the Nationwide Affiliation of realtors a, so the nar event or inman conferences, uh, in, by which case all the innovators come out they usually attempt to sell their wares and you have a chance to actually sort of see where the tendencies, what’s changing and, and, and the place do I see like as a shopper myself as a millennial, I take a look at it and I say, what would I buy, what would I take heed to? And it all the time comes back to I don’t pay for cable, I exploit Youtube for my, my board Netflix. Right? And so, you recognize, this is the subsequent era and we must be talking of their language and that’s why I purchased into video and I’ve worked with videographers, um, uh, many occasions. And that’s stagers. In order that information and experience slowly seeped into the creativity that I have for the videos that I do.

Kosta: Superior. Superb. Sticking to the topic of selling, are there some other advertising strategies which have offered you a superb roi that you simply’re capable of share with the viewers? I do know you, uh, you talked about door knocking as one among them for example.

Bradley: Yeah. So, so, uh, with this business you could have a number of choices and for me I’ve tried all of them and um, you bought to select a couple because you possibly can’t do them all. Properly, like in the event you go too far in too many instructions, you’re by no means going to do anything to the degree that you simply’d need to. So for me, my focus is on my database, so past shoppers, friends and family and referrals. Um, uh, and that’s my primary precedence. It doesn’t matter what occurs, these are the individuals I can’t fall brief on. As soon as I’ve achieved satisfying my, my Popeye’s and every part for them, I transfer onto my farm in my farm is the areas that I dedicate because I would like them to persistently see me. And I do know you’ve had a bunch of people on your show in your podcast prior to now who talked concerning the energy of farming.

Bradley: I completely concur with their, uh, their ideas. And then lastly is social media and so I leverage all three. Um, however these are my focus. I, I, I do other issues, but for probably the most half, uh, I would like all of my power to concentrate on these so I can excel at these and not get distracted by the various different things to occur. And so, um, you already know, my highest Roi is by, you recognize, by far following up with database, past shoppers, you recognize, doing the great things for them on the, on the odd event. Um, you realize, there’s a Buffini as a real estate coach that undoubtedly advocates for this fashion of a business model. And that’s something I feel, uh, is, is nicely acquired across the business.

Kosta: Superb. Thanks a lot for sharing that. I’m curious to ask you, so being, as you often attend conferences and seminars and just seeing what’s up and coming, uh, however by a variety of innovators, how do you see know-how altering the actual estate business as an entire or maybe how realtors will conduct business and say the subsequent five to 10 years?

Bradley: Yeah, that’s a great question. I, I see, um, you already know, if anybody is serious about seeing developments that occur within the business, there’s one thing referred to as the Swan Pool report. A, it’s a unbelievable learn. It, they really charge you for the guide. It’s like 300 bucks, but I’m positive you will discover some info online as nicely. Uh, and it analyzes the developments in the business and one of the issues that we’ve been seeing and that it mentions within the e-book is the consolidation of each real estate corporations, uh, and, and know-how. There’s been more funding within the tech aspect of actual estate in the final yr. Then they’re like, I feel it’s, it went from being 30 million across, uh, I feel North America or the world to now it’s $30 million. In order that’s compounding mad. Uh, but the issue here is, is that what’s ic going to be occurring is the know-how is going to permit realtors to leverage their relationships and make life more environment friendly.

Bradley: Um, definitely there’s a rising development for direct consumers. Um, and that’s one thing that Swan Pool report addressed as nicely. A direct consumers will use know-how to attempt to circumvent realtors, however once more, as has been the case because the age of kings and Queens once they had serfdom they usually land, uh, there’s all the time gonna be that quote unquote intermediary who’s going to consult with you to provide the recommendation it’s essential make one of the best selections. And without that, individuals make errors. And that’s been occurring for generations. If you see calm freeze, you see all of those different totally different brokerages who strategy it from a discount perspective. It’s all nicely and good during a scorching market, but when the market cools down, we see drastic drops in numbers of realtors and the activity of those, these brokerages. So know-how goes to continuously have an effect, not just in our business, but many industries, however definitely we’re going to see on-line info offered.

Bradley: So consumers could have extra entry to info than they ever have had, but they’ll nonetheless need the realtor for consultation. Realtors will use know-how to leverage their enterprise to make it more successful. What I feel is admittedly going to be exacerbated. You understand, groups have been an ongoing, a progress model, but definitely there’s a number of pitfalls to them as nicely because individuals get greedy inside the staff and slash or a, they perceived their worth, uh, and, and commissioning Yeonjae, all these other fun things. However I see particular person brokers having a more durable time competing with a much bigger groups or greater agents who have extra money to spend a. definitely it’s a continuing battle. The profit that the small time agent, the one that begins out with the one competitive benefit you have got, in case you’re listening and also you’re a and also you’re just beginning out is your time and your relationships.

Bradley: Time and time once more, I’ll lose an inventory to somebody who’s acquired a good friend or household who’s a realtor. Regardless of the value that I understand that I’ve provided, they may go together with this individual as a result of they belief them. So if even if I have all of the tools on the planet and you have none of them, if in case you have a better relationship with that individual, you’ve a shot. So don’t undercut the worth of those private relationships, which is why database is my primary roi. And it ought to be anybody who is beginning in this business, primary, because I made the error once I started out early on, I didn’t have the arrogance to go to my family and associates because I didn’t assume I had the skillset to do them justice, however that was my largest mistake as a result of the truth is, is your database, the individuals and the connections you build in your lifetime. We’ll serve you tenfold over anything relating to chilly leads and, and door knocking or calling a. It’s a must to develop these relationships.

Kosta: Superb insight and a resource. You mentioned a Swanepoel report

Bradley: Yeah. So it’s referred to as the Swanepoel report. Um, you’ll find it on-line by wanting it up. Um, I the 2018 a t three 60. I’m just making an attempt to see where, you recognize, t three 60 and you may look it up. It’s a analysis evaluation and solutions fashion company. Yeah. And the man who created it’s Stephen Swan Pool, swa or Swa n e p o e l a. If you want to e mail him instantly, his e-mail is s t e f a n at t three $60. [inaudible] DOT com

Kosta: Thank you so much. I’m so, I’m a numbers man. I really like moving into income commissions. All of the fun stuff. I do know each brokerage has their very own awards that they provide out. So you’re at two time Centurion award winner. Uh, what number of transactions are required to succeed in that milestone approximately?

Bradley: Yeah. So the transactions I feel, uh, in order that they, they confer with them as models at century 21. I feel it was somewhere in the 60 transactions, however you can also do it by quantity. So, um, I consider 2017, you need it to be over to 70 gross commissions earned or I feel it was two 75 or something alongside these strains. Um, uh, and this yr we’re already, we’re approaching 50 transactions. Um, uh, but, uh, you recognize, this yr was slower than my earlier years. Definitely I’m not going to do as well as I did final yr. Um, but uh, my greatest yr by far was 2016. I feel I did personally. Three, three 80. And so that was a incredible yr, but again, you, you hit or miss this yr I had a business deal. It was a $17,000,000 improvement dealing in Bolton and uh, that might have pushed me above my greatest yr for positive. But those business deals are all the time troublesome to shut a. they’re long photographs in some instances too.

Kosta: Wow. Thanks for sharing. Now, huge time numbers nonetheless. Superb stuff. Um, any words of recommendation you’d give to someone getting into the actual property business or perhaps a realtor who was simply making an attempt to degree up in their enterprise?

Bradley: Yeah, I’m writing your objectives down, put them in front of you, uh, go to work every single day. And, um, you already know, actually develop the plan and comply with it. A consistency is large. Routine is large. You’re all the time going to have problem as an entrepreneur to do these and to comply with these issues. However the higher you can do that, um, the upper the probability that you simply’ll succeed, uh, but in addition never, by no means end a or by no means cease learning. Um, you already know, at each alternative that you simply study something new, you’re now leveraging yourself, which is your number one asset. So, um, you understand, and in addition discover your confidence, listened to motivational. I really like listening to like Youtube, you recognize, motivational, uh, videos, uh, within the mornings and even in the evenings if you must, just to get you pumped up for the day to get your, to get you again on prime in the correct mindset because so many individuals brief change themselves and, and, and that it unfortunately impacts what they will accomplish. However the mindset is a large issue.

Kosta: Couldn’t agree extra with the whole lot you just stated there. So nice stuff. Brian. I do need to be aware of your time. I do like to finish off each chat with what I call the highest three. You Ready? Yep. Alright. Yeah. Number one, your favorite actual property or business guide.

Bradley: So proper now it’s a millionaire real estate by Gary Keller, but I’ve to honorable mentions to assume and develop rich Napoleon Hill. And in addition, I really like the, there’s a physique language ebook, but I can’t consider the, uh, uh, the writer in the mean time, however just understanding body language, uh, and, and human cues in terms of communications.

Kosta: Superior. Uh, number two, your favorite vacation spot.

Bradley: So I, I knew this one was coming, however I have to say I can’t offer you my favorite trip spot because I’m a robust believer that I don’t need to be going back to the same location because there’s simply approach too much to see on this world and I doubtless won’t see all of it earlier than I die. So I gained’t start changing my places, barring household. That’s the only exception I give, however I will say that the one place I do need to go back because I don’t assume I’d give it justice, was a Peru Machu Picchu, a claimed that, uh, this yr was last yr. And, um, I received to Machu Picchu, nevertheless it was pouring rain, though it was still lovely. Uh, I need to go back and see it, a c in its full glory and perhaps go up one of the larger mountains. Um, in order that’s in all probability where we return.

Kosta: Awesome. Undoubtedly on my bucket record as properly. So that you stated you began actual property at 22 and also you’ve been a realtor now for eight years. So are you 30 years previous? Thirty one, 31 now. 30. Oh, okay. Good. So for those who can go back 11 years, what do you would like your 20 yr previous self knew?

Bradley: Properly, um, to concentrate on building my database, putting that info on a crm and to push myself down the street of the private progress, continuous schooling, um, you realize, it’s straightforward to say but I’m fairly proud of how far I’ve come. Uh, so definitely. However those are my prime issues.

Kosta: Superb. Good. Bradley, thanks a lot. I actually enjoyed our chat. I actually respect you coming on.

Bradley: Yeah. Truly, if I’ll, I just need to plug a couple things earlier than I’m going with any realtors are fascinated about. We’re doing an OREA YPN Increase, so that’s the younger skilled community. Um, on the Ontario Actual Property Affiliation. We’re internet hosting an superior social occasion on February 27th, 2019. You’ll be able to see it at [inaudible] dot com slash ypn. Um, and in addition if you wish to see any of my content movies, you’ll be able to go to h, t channel Dot com and you may comply with me on instagram at Bradley underscore harmon. Uh, and you may see some of my stuff there.

Kosta: Good. I’ll be sure you add that each one within the notes. Bradley, thanks a lot. Wishing you continued success and I recognize the time. As soon as once more, you two prices to all one of the best. All right, take care. Thank you so much for listening to the highest agent podcast by net. For Actual. By the best way, we’re offering unique promos to our listeners, visit net for agent and get your first month on us. And that’s why [inaudible] agent to get your first month of service utterly free. Until subsequent time. Over and out piece.