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Top Agent Podcast Episode 14: Adnan Feroz

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Kosta: On this episode, I’m talking with Adnan Feroz, a realtor from Toronto. Not solely is Adnan and award profitable realtor, he’s additionally an investor, a speaker, and a Canadian and greatest promoting writer of a e-book titled Beyond Riches With Revenue Properties: The 90/90 Technique. We’re stepping into all of that and an entire lot more, and this was a really insightful dialog, numerous value packed into this episode. I really loved speaking with Adnan. So without further ado, here’s our chat.

Kosta: So Adnan, thanks so much for joining me on the Top Agent podcast. Actually recognize your time. Thanks. It’s a pleasure to be right here. Superb. So, so that you, you’ve a reasonably lengthy listing of credentials right here. You’re a Canadian bestselling writer of a e-book referred to as Beyond Riches with Revenue Properties, the 90/90 Technique, You’re a speaker you’ve executed over 25 million in transactions over the previous few years and award profitable realtor. So undoubtedly a number of accomplishments and lots, you recognize, I’d wish to get into there, however. All proper, why don’t you start things off by simply telling your audience a bit about yourself, your background and the way you bought into real property

Adnan: For positive. I truly grew up in Scarborough after which I moved to Ajax Pickering. So I’m, I’m, I’m local to Toronto, have grown up right here. I went to U of T enterprise faculty, um, and I contemplate myself to be a serial entrepreneur as a result of, um, I wish to get into a whole lot of totally different businesses and I feel actual property was the first enterprise that I entered and acquired into, um, after finishing up the varsity and uh, having some work expertise. So, not all the time, it was the plan to get into enterprise and do something to assist the group, help the individuals which might be around. Um, I’ve been in real estate for nine years now. I focus on investment properties. we also train individuals easy methods to construct houses to maximise their investment. Uh, in fact I wrote the guide on beyond versus within revenue properties because I felt that, um, that, that was an business that needed to be talked about and so many individuals exit and do flips and do properties like that.

Adnan: So we speak about that. Uh, I talked to numerous students who are in universities about what they should do with their finances and the way they need to work with that. Um, as a result of I feel that’s one factor that I feel is lacking from our business. Uh, and a lot of people don’t train the students and youngsters how one can manage their finances. Um, so we undoubtedly do this. Um, so I received into real property. I’m believing in all of this stuff that I stated that, you realize, what, uh, I feel I can contribute and make a difference, uh, when it comes to that, um, I’m also married to a wonderful woman and she or he’s additionally my enterprise companion now. She helps me around with that. I’m surrounded with nice household and pals who’re all the time inspiring me to do nice things. And um, that’s what provides me the eagerness and motivation to exit and do this stuff.

Kosta: That’s unimaginable. Thank you so much for sharing that. And I totally agree with, you understand, the fact that you’re right, education the varsity system does not train financial literacy like by any means. I feel that’s really good that you simply’re doing that. Let’s begin together with your e-book Past Riches. Richard’s with revenue properties. The 90/90 Strategy. Uh, congratulations on that by the best way. Greatest selling, truthfully. That’s completely unimaginable. So tell me more concerning the e-book. I like what’s it about, what’s the premise and most importantly like what is the 90, 90 strategy?

Adnan: So the e-book identifies a selected sector of the market where we flip properties. It is targeted in the direction of the Toronto real property. But it can be applied to any kind of market that’s densely populated. Uh, it exhibits you the right way to make $90,000 in 90 days utilizing the flip model, we now have very specific set of rules that folks comply with. You train them methods to undergo them, what to do, um, it walks you thru the whole mindset of what you need to have earlier than stepping into it. It also teaches you and tackles plenty of fears that folks face while they are doing flips. So, uh, earlier than stepping into that, loads of our shoppers and people who are studying it have by no means carried out one. So, uh, it is rather essential to deal with that beforehand. So all of this falls inside the mindset category. And then we go onto analyzing behaviors and tendencies which are widespread in that market.

Adnan: And then we’ll work with that the place we train you what to do and what not to do, what sort of renovations do you have to be doing, what you should not be doing, how you have to be working with numbers, what you ought to be evaluating. So it goes via the whole means of all the things. But at the finish of the day, it teaches you learn how to make that $90,000 in 90 days after which it tells you and exhibits you how you can scale that and the best way to work on your million dollar plan the place you are able to do multiple properties in a yr to develop our enterprise based mostly on that.

Kosta: That’s awesome. What number of success tales do you’ve from individuals or buyers, I assume, who followed the 90, 90? Or is that this something you’ve carried out your self and you type of, uh, you recognize, created this mannequin based mostly on experiences?

Adnan: Absolutely. I’ve accomplished it myself as nicely and we’ve so many various shoppers that we’re working with regularly on a day by day factor. So commonly it retains on working. We simply had three shoppers last week that had began their first property they usually’re working on that. We’ve had people who find themselves working in the banking business and then they began doing their first investment property. They followed the whole steps and then there’s design they usually give up their job they usually started working on this. So, uh, however we now have had so many various individuals which might be in several industries that come onto this after which they carry on doing that. We now have been doing this for nearly 40 years now when it comes to revenue properties and the regular investments we have been doing it from before.

Kosta: That’s awesome. Would you say it’s an easy learn or

Adnan: It is a simple read. It is 200 and 200 pages lengthy, nevertheless it has plenty of info. So the knowledge changing info into actionable things is what takes time. But completely, when you go through it, you’ll perceive it. It’s an easy, proper. It tells you what to do, what not to do, find out how to go about it, and it provides you an entire system.

Kosta: That’s nice. The rationale I asked because um, you recognize, I really like the books which might be just very to the purpose actionable without too much fillers. Yes. That’s the place you get probably the most out of a I, I can’t wait to get into it.

Adnan: Yeah, we did not want anyone else like the filler info. We didn’t want any of that. We needed it to be to the point and that’s it. Simply more for from there.

Kosta: Yeah, that’s good. Tying within the e-book to advertising, has the success of the guide helped you appeal to new business or build brand consciousness with and you have been present shoppers or something you’ll be able to share in that regard?

Adnan: Completely. A hundred percent. There is a enterprise mannequin that I consider in is to sell yourself and market your self by educating a. That is one in every of my primary methods to try this. Uh, I am all the time educating individuals regardless of where I am, no matter what setting I’m sitting in. And that is my number one advertising software that I exploit, uh, when it comes to converting a then. But in at the moment’s world what happens is every little thing is online and it interprets into applied sciences and what we did is we began creating movies and contents based mostly on educating individuals as nicely. So 100% what we speak about within the e-book, we will work that in. It converts into advertising and converts into gross sales.

Kosta: Yeah, I completely agree with that. I strongly consider as properly that should you can provide consistent value and schooling to your market or viewers as you say, there’s going to be an excellent longterm ROI for you. I just assume that most people, they could draw back from this strategy as a result of it’s something that you simply won’t see a return on immediately, however I feel the longer and more consistent you’re at it and should you can continue providing this worth proper, it’s really a terrific, for my part,

Adnan: For positive. A pal of mind awareness. Principally that’s what it’s that you simply’re engaged on. Um, and, and you need to just remember to are elevating awareness, you’re educating individuals, you’re speaking about it or whether it’s via social media, by means of e mail campaigns, video advertisements, sprints, whatever it is that you simply do, whatever you’ve labored for you, you need to do this, however you need to be in front of individuals. When you’re not in entrance of individuals, you’re not advertising, you’re not promoting, it’s not going to return to work.

Kosta: Completely. Completely agree. Sticking to advertising, like what are some, some other of your best advertising strategies which have offered you probably the most ROI? I do know you touched upon obviously of the guide and just providing content and schooling to your audience. So another ideas or strategies that worked for, for you?

Adnan: I feel that when it comes to slicing via the noise that’s out there, it’s a must to use social media, a facebook advertisement as a few of the most superb things you could goal it a lot. Uh, and it provides you instruments to work with that. Uh, there are limitations based mostly on the housing market. Um, but then again, there’s a lot that you are able to do e-mail campaigns. Uh, one of the things that I feel is a missed opportunity that a lot of people don’t make the most of is their very own contact listing. A lot of people are usually not promoting to their own contacts or the circles that they’re in. They are your greatest shoppers are potential shoppers which you could faucet into. Um, any given individual these days has over a thousand contacts in their telephones or more than a thousand associates on fb, but they’re not speaking to them, they’re not educating them. So I feel they should do this, that, that, that advertising all the time works and cap keywords and capitalize it.

Kosta: That’s so true. Uh, you realize, loads of probably the most profitable realtors I’ve spoken to, they, they share that very same, um, you understand, advertising tip, like individuals just overlook like what’s right in entrance of you and not your present network. So yeah, that’s so true. Um, you touched on social media, like do you, are you type of lively on all platforms or what’s your favourite platform?

Adnan: Yeah, undoubtedly. I feel I really feel that fb is excellent, but I really feel instagram is taking up and that may be a excellent platform to be a, especially talking and updating individuals about what’s occurring in your day by day life when it comes to real estate, when it comes to your market. Um, I’m going to a displaying and as an alternative of taking each single individual to the displaying, I upload a video of that on social media. Now everyone can see it and a lot of people can relate to it. There are a number of shoppers that don’t know what they need to purchase until and until they see it and a variety of them are hesitant to exit and try these properties, however once they see it on-line within the consolation of their house, they’re extra more likely to come out and ask you questions based mostly on that and it, it converts, it helps out.

Kosta: Yeah, completely. Excellent. Switching gears just a bit bit, so a standard development that I’m hearing with realtors, is that kind of a difficult time with the current market circumstances and interest rates, uh, you already know, what would you say are a few of the largest challenges that you simply presently face as a realtor? Whether it’d be with exterior market circumstances or your advertising or another problem you’ll be able to consider?

Adnan: Uh, I feel the most important challenge in in the present day’s market is getting a great deal, proper? They all the time tell everybody that did the money is within the bio and you need to just remember to are getting whole lot. The battle that is available in this is sellers aren’t prepared to sell it for lower prices then what they purchased it for or what they believed that the worth was to last yr, so that may be a battle that a lot of people are having of letting go of those properties and a bar and the consumers are in fact lucky for purchasing properties at what they’re valued at right now or in search of offers. So we’re going by means of those challenges, but I’m nonetheless a majority of my enterprise is excellent when it comes to clientele trying to purchase investment properties. It’s the right time to get into it because you are getting offers, you’re getting options that you simply need to get into and you can do a lot more when it comes to including worth to these properties, particularly properties that are not in fine condition that want work carried out. From an investor perspective, the most effective that better of the choices you can get into can be found proper now.

Kosta: Yeah, for positive. And I agree with that sentiment as properly. I imply, it’s so necessary to, you recognize, generate profits on the purchase, such as you stated, however sadly with the residential aspect of issues, you’re, you’re enjoying with that emotional card as nicely, which it’s a troublesome, a troublesome recreation to play for positive.

Adnan: Just, you’re dealing with two totally different mindsets. You’re dealing with shopper mindset and the investor mindset. So there is a stability that it is advisable discover between the 2 and make the deal occur.

Kosta: Absolutely. Um, so, so that you’re an award profitable realtor. You’ve accomplished $25 million in transactions over the previous few years. Congratulations. By the best way, males are too many realtors who can claim the identical thing. That’s for positive. How many transactions are you expecting to finish this yr or over the subsequent 12 months? And for those who can share these figures or perhaps present a variety.

Adnan: Positive. So, um, I run a really specialised enterprise when it comes to working with shoppers. So we don’t work with numerous totally different clienteles and loads of totally different transactions, but what we do is each shopper as an elite shopper they usually do two or transactions to four transactions a yr. So they’re our repeat clientele and then on prime of that we now have a consultation enterprise the place we assist them if they are taking a look at building a house, we are consultants on the tasks where we’re creating those properties with them or if they are renovating those properties, we’re consultants as nicely on them. So, uh, it’s, it’s a unique mannequin than a daily realtor can be doing, but in a yr we work with 20 to 25 totally different shoppers every year. Good.

Kosta: Good massive time numbers. Nonetheless,

Adnan: conversion fee is far greater on every deal than what a daily realtor, however males.

Kosta: Superb. Um, how, how do you see know-how enjoying an element in all this and you already know, how do you see more specifically, how do you see know-how changing real estate or even how realtors are conducting business and say the subsequent five to 10 years

Adnan: technological developments in actual property in Canada, they’re coming, they’re coming quick and I feel that they’re going to revolutionize our business in the subsequent few years. I see that a redundancies, a are going to utterly get automated which might be occurring in our business and our corporations are literally at present engaged on lot of options to modernize how transactions are achieved. I’m in actual estate in Canada and it was utterly modified how realtors and shoppers interact with one another. For example, there was a softer that just got here out that folks have been using it very frequently in actual property is docusign or digital signing for something. It has made life so much simpler not operating around to print documents, uh, or uh, the worrying concerning the high quality of your faxes getting ruined. And by the time that you simply’re executed negotiation, you possibly can’t read your documents they usually’re not legible or having someone comply with up by way of a guidelines of things, of documents that they want. Each time all of this stuff are going to get automated and individuals are engaged on this the place the techniques are going to be very environment friendly. Uh, e-mail advertising, crm, they’re all, all innovating. There are so many corporations which might be working on this. Your company is working on this as properly. They are, they’re arising with products which might be very strongly wanted by the business right now, so I feel that know-how is going to be taking up very soon.

Kosta: Absolutely. You’re proper in there. There’s so much room for effectivity enhancements inside actual estate and the way, you realize, realtors conduct their business. Completely. Docusign is a superb example of that, but yeah, that’s just the beginning of an enormous tip. Exactly. Yeah. Um, any recommendation I’m curious to hear from you, you realize, you’ve been in the actual property now nine years, any recommendation you’d give to newer agents and even any age and really are someone listening who’s making an attempt to degree up of their business.

Adnan: Get on the market. It’s a must to speak to individuals, you need to educate and before educating others, you need to educate yourself. You must be persistently studying and there’s no shame in asking for assist. I have had a number of the greatest mentors that I might ever have and I encompass them, surround myself with them each single day. Uh, in a yr. You’re learning persistently. Venue are educated once you’re updated with all the things that’s occurring out there, you’re higher capable of educate your, uh, that’s, that may differentiate you from every other realtor that is out there. Find a niche, concentrate on one thing that could be very, essential. You don’t need to be simply one other realtor on the block, uh, you need to be sure that there is something elite you’re doing segmented. Create your pricing technique, create your advertising strategy and comply with it. Be sure to’re within that.

Adnan: Don’t just go out and do deals like no matter it’s that you simply find, work in things that you could focus on. Um, the other thing is when you can work with the workforce or you possibly can create a group, undoubtedly go forward and do this. Uh, and I consider in teams. It is best to phase yourself into doing things a sure means. For example, in case you have an agent that’s targeted on, uh, dealing with tenants and landlords, a dealing on rentals, good. Let them cope with all the rental properties. If there’s an agent that’s working on listings, allow them to work on listings. If there’s an agent that is targeted on the investor phase, let them work with that. They are going to be extra productive and more environment friendly in the event that they do issues this manner.

Kosta: That’s superb advice. Um, I totally agree. You understand, one factor that you simply stated there, which I really feel is so easy and straightforward, but a lot of people fail to do it. It’s like search a mentor. I feel individuals are often perhaps intimidated by that, however I feel the extra successful individuals I converse to often I discover like successful individuals, they actually like mentoring and sharing experiences and information with different individuals. Um, so anything that’s what individuals fail to comprehend, but you’re proper. Yeah, that’s, that’s some great recommendation for positive. So, after which I do need to be aware of your time. Uh, I do finish off each chat with what I call the highest three. You ready for us? So this one could be biased, however your favorite enterprise or actual property guide?

Adnan: Similar for me. It’s very troublesome to determine one guide. That may be my favorite e-book. I learn so many regularly, so I can only inform you what I’m studying proper now. A crushing it. It’s a enterprise e-book by Gary Lennard verify and uh, it’s, it’s actually good, really exciting. Um, and actual estate sensible, I feel the ebook that is on creating wealth in real property by Douglas Gray, uh, it’s an excellent e-book, excellent learn, especially for anybody that is dealing in real property in Canada. It is related to our business plots. It’s up to date each few years. So it’s very irrelevant. I feel those two bins, what I might say

Kosta: I’m an enormous fan of Gary v’s content material as nicely. And naturally, uh, you already know, throw, throw in a 3rd ebook beyond riches with revenue properties or shares. Quantity two, your prime trip spot.

Adnan: Ooh, this can be a very robust one for me. Um, I travel lots. I’ve traveled 130 cities in 27 nations in simply last years. That’s nice. So, uh, and each one among them contributes a constructive experience in the direction of, uh, what I discovered from them. Uh, but when it was a prime a metropolis, I might say it’s Rome, Rome, undoubtedly wealthy structure, superb historical past, nice food, and naturally romantic setting. So, uh, it really works out very nicely. Uh, if I, if and once I travel with my wife. So yeah, Rome must do.

Kosta: Yeah, that’s an awesome selection for positive. And final query, after which how previous are you?

Adnan: Oh, I’m turning 32 subsequent week.

Kosta: Okay. I know when individuals have requested me, I kind of overlook as nicely, however uh, so should you can go back 12 years, what do you would like your 20 yr previous self knew?

Adnan: Oh, understand the facility in myself. Uh, I wish I might have realized that sooner. How my words can encourage and alter someone’s life instantly. You’re so powerful. Every single individual has that factor the place they will make such an enormous difference. We don’t perceive that. There’s a quote that I all the time keep in mind a and it goes, our deepest worry shouldn’t be that we’re insufficient. Our deepest worry is that we’re powerful beyond measure. So the day we settle for this reality, uh, that’s the day you’ve got unlocked the potential to be the most effective model of yourself. And I, if I noticed that at 20 I might have completed all of this stuff a lot sooner.

Kosta: That’s superb. Very insightful. Very sensible. Completely. And if somebody needed to succeed in out and come up with you, where’s one of the best place they will find you?

Adnan: Absolutely. They will lookup my website, Uh, and undoubtedly sort in my identify, anyplace on google online. You’ll discover us on fb, instagram, any social media, twitter. I’m simply sort in my identify Admin for us and you’ll be capable of find it.

Kosta: Superb. I’ll you’ll want to add that each one within the show notes and then this was a real pleasure. I’m so glad we did this very insightful chat. I’m positive lots of people are gonna discover a fantastic worth from you and uh, yeah, I do recognize it. We should always undoubtedly do this again someday. Thanks. It was my pleasure and thank you for having me in your present anytime. Thanks a lot. Take care. Thanks so much for listening to the Top Agent podcast by Web4Realty. By the best way, we’re providing unique promos to our listeners, go to and get your first month on us, and that’s to get your first month of service utterly free till next time, over and out peace.