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Top Agent Podcast Episode 15: Ricky Ristic

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Kosta: In this episode I’m talking with Ricky Ristic. This was such a tremendous chat. Ricky migrated to Canada in 1995 from Sarajevo through the warfare. After financial savings from working as a bellboy at a lodge and proudly owning a restaurant, he saved enough money to buy some properties. He’s now been a realtor for over 15 years. He’s a diamond award profitable realtor with Royal Lepage and does over 40 transactions per yr. What I really like about Ricky is his significance on work life stability and dwelling his life the best way that makes him comfortable. I escaping warfare and literally spending his childhood simply making an attempt to survive. He’s discovered not to take anything as a right. So right here it is. I hope you take pleasure in our chat as much as I did.

Kosta: Ricky, thank you so much for becoming a member of me on the Top Agent podcast. Really excited so that you can be right here.

Ricky: Thanks very a lot. I’m excited too.

Kosta: All proper, so, you’ve got over 15 years of expertise in the Toronto actual property market. It seems to be at you primarily specialize in the Toronto pre-construction market as a VIP platinum dealer, which we’ll get into. You’re additionally a Royal Lepage diamond award winner, so undoubtedly lots to dive into there. But for those who simply need to kick issues off, why don’t you inform us a bit about your self, your background, and how you bought into actual estate?

Ricky: Once I first came to Canada I obtained the job at the Royal York Lodge, there’s quite a few years. I had a good time there, but I all the time felt I can do higher, proper, do extra. I used to be all the time sort of in search of another, another, uh, opportunities. And a few years down the street I, um, I began my first restaurant. I switched, I left the Royal York and I, I, I opened my first restaurant I used to be doing, I was within the restaurant business for about six years and I really enjoyed it. Had a good time there. However um, after, after about 5 six, I began feeling a bit bit overwhelmed, delay way of life. It was really, um, you realize, seven days to every week and stopped. So I was kinda wanting into do one thing better, something extra. And uh, from there it was sort of pure transition into real property. Um, I, uh, I was already like a landlord. I had my, I had a few investment properties I purchased, I bought my very own property, so it was really like a natural to enter actual estate and I’ve been in real estate now the registered more than 10 years with a signature and I actually each minute of it.

Kosta: That’s superb. That’s unimaginable. So you, when did you come to Canada? What yr?

Ricky: I came to Canada in 1995.

Kosta:  Okay, good. Did you’ve got, um, so you stated you, you have been already a landlord, so it was not simply via savings while working by way of the restaurant and Royal York or.

Ricky: Precisely, simply working in the restaurant has been. And in addition in the restaurant I had a, I had that class to truly um, by way of property brokers coming in, being my clients in the restaurant, so I discovered quite a bit from them and I all the time, I all the time had that basic curiosity in actual estate and a few my associates have been actual property agents and stuff, so I get a reasonably good picture of how real property works and what it is all about.

Kosta: That’s superb. I really like that story. Um, so being in the business now for 15 years, I’m positive you’ve seen a number of modifications in the actual property market, what would you say are a number of the largest challenges that you simply at present face as a realtor and how do you overcome those challenges?

Ricky: Uh, for me up because I’m like, I’m a one man show, proper? I, I don’t have a group. I work on my own. So for me the most important challenge is like, you already know, retaining organized, holding all of it together, managing totally different shopper wants. I’m attracting new shoppers, retaining the prevailing ones and stuff. So these are type of massive challenges for me. Also going to be no real property is a very like a paper heavy business, making sure that each one the beer brooke is submitted or things are achieved. Um, right now I’m in the strategy of hiring an element time assistant so hopefully you’re not going to get just a little bit simpler and in addition, you understand, and you’re not targeted so much on the newest applied sciences and stuff. I’m actually not making an attempt to remain on prime of every part. The brand new stuff that’s arising. And um, not as in, within the last, in the last couple of years I’ve been heavily concerned with the preconstruction condos, with the preconstruction rental business.

Ricky: So for me, the large challenge to get the fitting tasks with my shoppers, the best places, the correct builders would add sweet allocations as a result of you already know, as we all know in Toronto, some good tasks they’re celebrating that we didn’t like for one weekend man we sell for 500 suites store. It’s a, it’s a very like a challenge to get the proper location and get the appropriate stuff. And I acquired to a platinum broker status with number of builders throughout the town. So this is among the things that undoubtedly, undoubtedly some challenges, however I, I’m really proud of that then.

Kosta: That’s superb. That’s superior. Uh, so you stated you’re a one man present, so I might think about one other challenge I see realtors face, and I’m positive you’ll be able to relate, being a one man present, like you stated, is time management. So as a realtor you don’t really have a hard and fast schedule in your daily. Are there any every day rituals that you simply do this assist plan your days a bit better and allow you to get started on the appropriate foot that you simply’re capable of share?

Ricky: Properly, you recognize, what I observed for me the very first thing like I have to train very first thing within the morning and once I, once I exercise within the morning and then once I do things, I acquired the top of June for the rest of the day feeling nice. In order that’s like exercise the first thing I do in the morning after which after that issues are sort of, you recognize, depending on the day, depending on what’s occurring that day and stuff, but um, you recognize, it’s uh, it’s a just about that’s, that’s, that’s how I start my day and from there I tackled the every day tasks as they come sort of factor.

Kosta: Yeah, that’s actually good. I just, simply habit and routine. So that you’re saying it doesn’t matter what within the morning you’re understanding

Ricky:  No matter what I am understanding very first thing within the morning.

Kosta: Superb. Superb. So let’s leap into the, your, your specialization in pre-construction sales, like you stated, so you’re, you’re a VIP platinum dealer. Uh, so first off, how did you get into that phase of the market?

Ricky: I get into that phase of the market a few years ago, uh, what occurred? Uh, I, my workplace at outlets at Don Mills and uh, and I don’t store, sit down and there’s a lot of, there’s plenty of new development was arising and still happening, right. So I had a, I had truly fairly a number of of my, of my shoppers asking me concerning the tasks. I had a plenty of shoppers within the neighborhood, so, and everyone was type of concerned with those tasks. So it was Kinda, kinda natural transition. I started working with these builders and I used to be really, actually profitable in promoting these properties. And from then it’s been like we simply maintain going. I just, uh, I just, I simply was very, very successful in selling the pre development tasks and uh, and the start of the fitting models and it’s sort of all began in type of, you understand, when, when, when the development occurred round my workplace, Syria and around my neighborhood.

Kosta: Received It. Acquired It. What are, what are a few of the ways in which you appeal to the suitable consumers for pre-construction versus resale? Like for instance, are you dealing principally with buyers or first time consumers are, or how do you appeal to the appropriate consumers?

Ricky: My, uh, my buyer as a result of is somewhat bit totally different. I uh, I uh, I, I’m of nose to nose individual so I, a majority of my shoppers, they arrive from my previous relationship there. My past shoppers, repeat shoppers may referrals what but like my bus, restaurant clients, they turned my actual property plans. So my, my 95 % of my companies is referrals. So most of these individuals, most of these individuals are either both, uh, buyers and the primary time consumers. So principally nearly all of the stuff I do, I sell it via my very own own network, like my own group events that I’m going to a nose to nose stuff. My associates, household associates and stuff. And the, and the just lately I’ve been using a whole lot of social media as properly because I feel that’s the place it’s, every thing’s type of shifting so it’s much easier to communicate with everyone. And, uh, and these, uh, these, uh, these are the methods I, I get my shoppers most of the time.

Kosta: Yeah, that’s good. I’m sticking with advertising. Uh, what are, you understand, you talked about, you understand, undoubtedly lots of your companies referrals. You also mentioned that you simply’re concerned in the on-line area together with your website and social media in that approach. What are a few of your favorite and only advertising methods that have given you probably the most ROI that you simply’re capable of share?

Ricky: My undoubtedly number one is, is just nose to nose with individuals like seeing my, my, my, my boss flags, uh, more often than not, having time for them, answering their questions and telephone calls and, you recognize, many occasions they caught and lots of occasions they call me and never just relating to the sale of their current property. Many occasions they call me in the event that they want any help with that they need that they want, they want a blind beggar. They want the electrician, they want a lawyer.

Ricky: They name me. Answering these questions, sort of holding in touch with them, um, in any respect. They usually ship me plenty of referrals. Majority of my enterprise only for us and it’s sort of this mutual type of respect and trust that I have with my, with my past clients, St Claire’s and there started being actually, actually working for it for me very nicely because, um, you realize, I by no means used really typical methods like a door knocking and cold calling and stuff. They’re actually by no means worked for me. I don’t assume I’m that Kinda Man Right. And a proper and the leads leads like, as I stated, social media just, you realize, reaching so many people protecting in contact with everyone and these are undoubtedly things that labored for me rather well that I sort of didn’t want to use anything however, but, but just this type of technique works rather well for me.

Kosta: Yeah, excellent. I imply, you understand, that’s one of many easiest forms of advertising to tap into your present network, I assume. Right,

Ricky: Precisely, precisely that, that labored for me rather well. And, and, and I was very successful in that.

Kosta: Good. So that you’re additionally a royal lepage diamond award winner, which primarily right me if I’m flawed, however the prime three % of all residential gross sales earners in the company, is that right? Congratulations on that. That’s fairly the accomplishment. To start with, thank you very much. How many transactions did it take you to get to that degree of final yr?

Ricky: Last yr. Took about about consider like 35 transactions, one thing like that.

Kosta: Superb. Wow. And Are you on pace to match or beat that? This yr?

Ricky: I, I’m going to be there this yr. It’s a, it was going to be more successful here than the final one and a enterprise is slowly enhancing, getting higher. So I’m going to, I’m going to be lifeless number this yr. Undoubtedly.

Kosta: That’s superb. Huge Time numbers for positive. Um, so switching gears just a little bit tough. Um, as you recognize, know-how is certainly changing shortly in the actual estate market or how do you assume know-how will help change or how do you assume know-how will change real estate enterprise within the subsequent say five to 10 years?

Ricky: I feel know-how is altering the whole lot right now, an actual property to thinks I’m shifting just just quicker. You individuals have now access to the Sol knowledge in Ontario and Canada too and um, the implementation of latest signatures and the ramones signing arps now all of us to work with, uh, with uh, individuals with individuals remotely. They don’t even must be here. They must be and they are often on the finish of the totally different elements of the street and we will nonetheless put the offers together. So I feel things are simply shifting a lot, a lot, much, a lot quicker. And I feel individuals now, the shoppers, they’ve extra info now like that. The mapping providers is far simpler. It’s getting actually nice. They will entry all the varsity that a neighborhood in for like all the stuff they want for, for, for a certain space and property they can’t have access to it very straightforward.

Ricky: Also with a, with a little bit of social media, issues are changing. Individuals, individuals comply with stuff on, on Instagram, youtube, facebook and stuff. In order that they really, they actually have are numerous details about, about current real property. A market, but in addition at the end of the day, I nonetheless consider a real estate is a individuals’s enterprise. I feel, um, you realize, real estate is an emotional purchase and uh, you recognize, there’s the most important buy individuals make. So it’s, it’s, uh, numerous emotion in world you then’re not. The know-how can, can, can tell individuals how, like, how much do they need to put in a suggestion? Let’s see. Are they going to purchase in the event that they appreciated the house, there isn’t a, like I still do good. The agent must be there and uh, and the, and the assistance them out in, in that sense. And in addition know-how can inform them that, uh, you understand, uh, once you, whenever you, when the resolve her presentation, I had a state of affairs there which are like 10 presents, register it. After which once I present up at the property there’s, there’s solely two individuals there, two individuals made it so and, and you understand, simply meeting. I’m assembly a seller and then assembly the listing broker and filling, filling them out a bit of bit of getting the sense of their motivation and stuff. I am, I don’t assume machines and computers can do this and brokers and individuals are right here to stay. They’re pleasant goes to be a individuals’s business.

Kosta: Undoubtedly agree with numerous where you stated there one factor you talked about, obviously consumers and sellers have or have access to far more info now, such as you stated, especially with the Sol knowledge. Um, I’ve heard a number of realtors sorta fearful due to that. What are your thoughts on the Sol knowledge?

Ricky: Properly, I feel, um, I feel it’s been, it’s been happening within the US for, for a variety of years. I feel over 10 years right now they usually haven’t observed any modifications and I, I nonetheless consider I’m not nervous in any respect about that. I feel I feel know in case you’re doing all of your job proper and in case you are, if the whole lot is in line, I don’t see any, any worries about that. Individuals all the time will want a very good actual property advice. As I stated, that is the most important purchase capable of make. In order that they solely the suitable agents for that.

Kosta: I agree. I imply, at the finish of the day, even when you have a bunch of data, I feel you continue to need a very good professional that’s capable of dissect and analyze that info correctly. Exactly. I’m sorry, ricky, what’s the one piece of recommendation that you’d give to both a brand new realtor getting into the business or even an present realtor who simply needs to degree up of their present enterprise?

Ricky: I simply tell, inform, tell you recognize, like a brand new agent and ODA, Oda or a Sam. The getting into the business is just like I’d start undoubtedly working from, out of your, out of your base, from the individuals you understand, out of your contacts, out of your, with your loved ones members and employees. I feel this is one of the simplest ways to kick off the enterprise and from there issues will will grow and Kinda naturally you will see that your method. You realize what works the perfect for you. I consider everyone’s totally different, proper? Everyone can do various things, so one thing’s route for some individuals. Some things don’t, so yeah, they’ll find their approach, however I consider one of the simplest ways to do it is going to be began together with your, together with your network and work from there.

Kosta: Yeah. That’s excellent advice. Completely. A rookie. I do need to be aware of your time. Uh, I do. And uh, every chat with what I name the top three. Are you ready? Positive. Okay. Uh, primary, your favourite business or real property e-book?

Ricky: My favorite might be wouldn’t be like put the pen down or a or a even a real property gross sales individuals be whereby by a well-known Toronto actual property lawyer, Mark Weiss Leather-based, and this can be a guide really great local insight and information type of from the authorized, like a lawyer prospect. Like if something was occurring within the, within the property, some uncommon stuff like someone died or some prefer it was a former grew up or something like that. He gets a very detailed to you about all the small print and the way to handle and shield your shoppers.

Kosta: That sounds fascinating. And the first one you stated was put the pen down or rely upon. That’s never heard of that one. I’ll examine that out. It’s an fascinating e-book. Undoubtedly. Good. A number two. Your favorite vacation spot.

Ricky:  I had truly thought. Nicely truly I received the one from spring and summer time and I received one like a winter Caribbean stuff. First one is a for spring and summer time we’ll be undoubtedly New York City. I really like New York City. I really like the power pricey. I really like individuals add texture. Um, you understand, I’m an enormous walker so I simply let lover simply strolling to the gorgeous metropolis, exploring the model central Park Occasions Sq. and, you recognize, every time I’m a bit of careworn I find few days to go there and are available back absolutely refreshed. Um, and uh, the, the second one there, the winter one undoubtedly is the Mexico. It’s a play at del Carmen. I actually beloved that, that, that small town there. It’s obtained that little European aptitude. So it’s numerous outlets, plenty of shops, Nice seashore as a result of, you realize, I’m not likely all inclusive man. I can’t, can stay on the seashore all day, man. I, I just thought now I’m going there. I lease a apartment downtown and I explored the stuff on it, my previous business, and in the identical time examine anyone, let’s stay there as a result of they acquired that huge, both plenty of stuff in the actual estate, new development happening and I’m very curious what’s occurring and luxuriate in visiting those websites.

Kosta: Nice decisions. I truly love both of those cities as properly. Um, and ricky, how previous are you? I’m 45 now. 40th five. So for those who can go back 25 years, what do you would like your 20 yr previous self knew?

Ricky: Uh, care. Um, you recognize, as I stated earlier, I was born in Sarajevo. Yeah, once I was about about 20 years previous we had that had horrible struggle over there. So my, my, my life then what wasn’t like really partying and traditional type and enjoying with my associates. I used to be just making an attempt to outlive and, and Kinda keep, stay, keep alive. That sort of taught me early on that we will take issues without any consideration and you realize, nothing is guaranteed in life. So that have back then actually type of shaped me who I am as we speak. You already know, I discovered to understand issues in another way and, and, and, and you understand, all the things can change very quick, so I, I, or early toto importance of doing what makes me really pleased, you understand, it’s actually massive, massive, massive, huge, huge concentrate on, on a, on a, on a balanced way of life as a result of to me beauty is just in a day, you recognize, each night time once I, once I get again house and once I look back I requested myself how my day went and what did I do and if it simply, you understand, 15, 16 hours of placing these offers collectively, that’s really, um, no know.

Ricky: I don’t actually essentially think about it actually great and profitable day, but my favourite is like working eight, nine hours right now and then in the afternoon going see the tfc recreation and after the game, stopping for some drinks with my associates. That is to me is a, is an exquisite and profitable day.

Kosta: Superb. Couldn’t agree more with that. Very inspiring. Superb option to finish this off. Ricky. Thanks so much. It was a pleasure talking with you once more and I hope we will do it again. Thanks very a lot. Alright, speak to you quickly guys. Thanks a lot for listening to the Top Agent podcast by Web4Realty. By the best way, we’re providing exclusive promos to our listeners, go to and get your first month on us and that’s to get your first month of service utterly free. Till next time. Over and out. Peace.