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Top Agent Podcast Episode 18: Edmond Ishag

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Kosta: In this episode, I’m talking with Edmond Ishag a Broker with Century 21 in Toronto. He’s a member of the Ken Yeung staff, which is the number one Century 21 Workforce on the earth. Edmond’s success in real estate comes from very pragmatic and easy strategies. He did over 40 transactions final yr alone and has aims to hit 100 transactions in 2019, which is insane. I had a great time talking with Edmond, so I hope you take pleasure in our chat! Edmond, thanks a lot for becoming a member of me on the Top Agent podcast, I really do recognize it.

Edmond: Thanks for having me. Kosta.

Kosta: Superb. So Edmond, if you wish to kick issues off, just please introduce your self, inform our audience a bit about your self, some of your profession highlights and the way you bought into real property.

Edmond: Oh Great. So I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years now and I’ve been with Suncor, which was a Petro Canada as a franchise, I run some companies. Was with Petro Canada for nearly 13 years and then in, 2009 or 2008, I joined the actual estate market had been in the same company for fairly a while and uh, yeah, it’s been a, a quite of a journey. Plenty of great experiences and I like it up to now.

Kosta: Superb. So, so 10 years in real estate. So, you already know, in the actual estate recreation you possibly can think about yourself a veteran at that time. I feel, uh, you understand, as you already know, actual property is a, it’s a high turnover enterprise. You understand, brokers kind of come and go, as I’m positive you’ve seen. So what do you credit score your success to and why have you ever lasted in the business this lengthy?

Edmond: I adore it, I like to cope with individuals, I really like to elucidate to individuals, um, about real property and a lot that I dream of it and that’s what made it last. For those who love your job and you’re keen on to talk to individuals because you work together every single day was totally different individuals, you can find it actually good.

Kosta: Yeah, that’s all true. I feel, you already know, a lot of people now they know they have jobs or they’re doing things that they don’t really love. They could I prefer it, however they don’t actually adore it and have the eagerness for it. So I feel that’s a very massive contributing issue to being successful is just making you’re keen on what you’re doing as a result of then it doesn’t feel like work.

Edmond:  Sure, that’s true. It doesn’t really feel like work. It feels like it’s in your blood to your everyday work.

Kosta: Exactly. Um, so what are a number of the largest challenges that you simply assume a realtor faces these days? I mean, whether it’s dealing with clients or with market circumstances, lead era or anything, however what are some challenges that you simply’re seeing in the enterprise in the present day?

Edmond: So, um, I find from my own perspective or from my own means of doing business is that folks must be informed and what I mean by individuals, our shoppers and your leads and uh, everybody that offers in real estate enterprise, they need to understand what’s happening of their environment. People who are promoting, people who are buying a people who find themselves investing and what’s the finance before this and after that. And that’s what I discover as challenges and my line of labor as that folks don’t know how one can process the finance of buying and promoting and why is it buying a selling? So I, I call it and I’d say individuals could also be need to know what’s happening.

Kosta: Yeah, that makes complete sense. Um, what about like in the everyday challenges that you simply face, like, you recognize, with regard to perhaps networking or lead era, do you see any problem or alternatives there?

Edmond: Opportunities are all over the place. Have to know my numbers is essential. Lead era is um, um, it’s an awesome thing to have. I’m simply have to know where to get those sorts of lead generations goes to be a, fb goes to be past shoppers goes to be door knocking. Um, it’s, it’s actually good.

Kosta: Yeah. So let’s speak about advertising a bit extra. Our audience loves once I kind of deep dive about into advertising, you recognize, so that you’re, you’re, you’re pretty lively online together with your website and social media. You’re really working the web aspect of issues, but what are a few of your favourite advertising methods which are offering you probably the most leads or probably the most Roi?

Edmond: So I, I’m counting on database so much and in addition on fb, instagram. So what I do is I attempt to put probably the most info that I may give an order for individuals to catch the eyes. I do a whole lot of preconstruction. We do a whole lot of preconstruction as a workforce. And um, I often say I put a new good information about the challenge and asked individuals to offer us a name or go to the web site as a way to get more info. Can we get calls and leads? We get a variety of calls and leads from facebook, instagram, and in addition database.

Kosta: So are these leads coming you’d say organically or are you paying like facebook advertisements or instagram advertisements?

Edmond: No, we pay, we pay and instagram advertisements and we pay for um, a facebook.

Kosta: Okay. In order that’s nice. So that you’re getting constant leads with the paid technique. So there’s undoubtedly the ROI there. Superb. Any, any offline advertising methods to do like you talked about, door knocking?

Edmond: Sure, we do door knocking, we do flyers and we also uh, uh, do postcards, postcards, door knocking as a. and I adore it, I am keen on it. So door knocking is something that I really adore. I do know within the winter time shouldn’t be as much as spring and summertime, uh, nevertheless it’s just that folks to get to know individuals nose to nose, they trust you quite than the telephone. They don’t know who you’re, what’s happening behind that line, nose to nose. I discover it’s great interaction they usually all the time offer you a lead in the event that they trust you.

Kosta: And that’s for positive. And so, with door knocking, do you farm certain communities or areas?

Edmond: Yes, in my neighborhood I do farm, I all the time put flyers to allow them to know what’s happening. I door knock and a superb occasions. Uh, yeah.

Kosta: And do you’ve got like, do you monitor your numbers when it comes to like, you realize, conversion or um, you understand, with door knocking or how many listing appointments you get per, let’s say 100 doorways knocked.

Edmond: Sure. So monitoring numbers it’ll make you better. And that is my advice, monitoring numbers, door knocking or telephone calls. It can make you a better individual because it, it tells you where are you weak and where you’ll want to be strengthened. Uh, yes, I do monitor my number. So if I’ve made a nose to nose interaction out of 10, I might say I might get 2 appointments which is 20 %, is high. It’s very excessive. And in addition to close out of that 2, I might close 1.

Kosta: Wow, that’s, that’s crazy. So you possibly can pretty much door knock daily and perhaps a couple dozen doorways and close a number of itemizing appointments. Sure. That’s, that’s superb that those are very excessive numbers. Good for you,

Edmond: it is extremely high numbers, but I, I’d been educated for the past six years, with multiple coaching and um, it’s simply acquired to know how you can get to the individuals’s minds and how might they will belief you.

Kosta: Yeah, I see lots of people are type of draw back from door knocking, however a number of successful realtors I converse to that may be a huge part of their advertising technique continues to be to door knock and you understand, apparently, hey, in the event you do it right, it clearly works.

Edmond: Face your worry, you’ll be stunned how many individuals are there. They decide your language.

Kosta: Yeah, completely. Changing gears somewhat bit, so know-how as you understand is altering fast. Um, how do you assume know-how goes to vary the actual estate business as an entire and even how realtors will conduct their enterprise and say the subsequent five to 10 years in relation to know-how?

Edmond: I might say it’s going to be an enormous factor tomorrow because individuals are on, on know-how most of their time, a day on the telephone, laptop, computer systems. You’re on those most of the time of the day and yes, know-how will take over.

Kosta: Yeah, it’s a, I feel I read a stat, not too way back. The typical individual spends, I feel it’s six hours a day on their telephone. In order a, you realize, being a realtor now you already know, you’re, you’re primarily, um, you recognize, in the advertising business as properly. So simply understanding human conduct nowadays the place individuals are kind of on their units for that lengthy. In order a marketer, as a realtor, any enterprise actually, you got to ask your self, okay, if this is where my audience is, what can I do to seize some of their consideration and, you already know, what sort of content material can I put out? Or um, you realize, what kind of worth can I provide?

Edmond: In fact we’re speaking about an enormous thing because we don’t know who’s taking a look at your advert and the advertising folks that we have now in our company, they, they research the geographic neighborhood off millennials and so forth. And now we sort of like, um, it’s, it’s all like a visible advertising interaction. So from the beginning, the first 10 seconds are the first five seconds whenever you take a look at this advert or I need to hold going, I needed to learn it, I need to know what’s happening and that’s what we do every week. We now have an appointments with these advertising individuals working in our company and we get more concepts and methods to let individuals interact with our advertisements.

Kosta: Yeah, that is sensible. Um, so, you realize, I’m a numbers guy as properly, again, to revenue commissions, all of the fun stuff. Are you able to share with our viewers what number of transactions you’ve closed final yr are planning to close in the next 12 months and even provide a variety?

Edmond: Um, as a staff it’s big. So Ken Yeung staff that they’re number one on the earth. So the numbers are so large, but I’ll speak about myself. He can speak about his personal numbers. Yeah, it’s primary on the planet and he, he’d been actually superior, humble and an amazing individual to work with. As for me, I have this yr, this yr I’m doing over 38 plus the resale. So the resale, I had finished virtually a 18 houses. Um, yeah, and 38 preconstruction. So subsequent yr I do know my numbers, I need to with my numbers and subsequent yr is 100.

Kosta: Wow. That’s, that’s massive time numbers.

Edmond: It is, it’s. And at, once you understand your number Kosta, you will break it down into 12 months. As I say, I used to be nicely educated for the previous six years. You’d break it down into 12 months. You’d break it down and what number of days you need to work this month and you’ll break it down. And what number of hours do you need to work a day with a view to generate these numbers? And it’s a numbers recreation.

Kosta: Precisely. It’s, it’s easier to set the objective. And you then reverse engineer and identical to you stated. Yeah. Good, yeah, I really like that.

Edmond: All you might want to do is understand the system, understand the system, work at onerous, be consistent each day and you will notice progress. You will notice progress.

Kosta: Superb. Wonderful stuff. Uh, what, what’s the one piece of recommendation you’d give to both a brand new realtor or someone who’s making an attempt to raise their business and just take it to the subsequent degree.

Edmond: New is new individuals or take it to the subsequent degree. I might say, pay attention, take heed to individuals, take heed to your shoppers, take heed to your leads, they want someone to take heed to.

Kosta: Yeah. Then, you already know, very logical sound recommendation.

Edmond: And if I’ll add, listening is essential. Act plus also look as much as somebody who’s successful to not look and what they do or what they drive or what they have been appeared as much as. So I look up to my, uh, uh, president on this firm, Ken Yeung, and he does large offers but his humble, his stake in a single brick at a time. He talks to every shopper. Uh, so I look as much as these sort of people so as to grow to be considered one of them. Is it going to be in a day? No. Is there going to be in a yr or. No, it’d take 10 years.

Kosta: Yeah, I like it. That’s a tremendous recommendation. Um, so Edmond I need to be aware of your time. I end off each chat with what I name the top three. Are you prepared? Okay. So number one, you’re a prime real estate or business guide.

Edmond: Oh, business e-book. I might like to say I really like Darren Hardy. I learn his books. The compound impact is a tremendous ebook that I, I discovered that working with me. It’s one brick at a time.

Kosta: Yeah, I’ve read that as nicely.

Edmond:  Yeah. And the quantity two e-book is I read loads of books, highly effective habits, highly effective habits by when the winery and it provides you how one can create a fantastic behavior that matches you as a result of everyone seems to be totally different.

Kosta: Superb. Good. Uh, and quantity two, your prime vacation spot.

Edmond: Superior. I really like the Caribbean. I’ve been to the Caribbean so many occasions on cruises and uh, sure, I might go there at anytime.

Kosta: Good, Nice. Uh, and Edmond, how previous are you? 46. So in the event you can go back 26 years, what do you would like your 20 yr previous self knew?

Edmond: Wow, I wish I can return six years. The good advice that I give to myself 26 years in the past is take more risks and do a better financing for the longer term.

Kosta: Good advice, very practical. And um, if individuals need to get ahold of your attain own, the place’s the perfect place they will find you?


Kosta: Good. I’ll add that in the present notes as properly. Alright, Edmond. Thanks a lot. An actual pleasure talking with you. Thank you so much once more for coming on the present and, uh, we should always undoubtedly do it once more someday. You’re a tremendous individual and a tremendous. Thanks. I recognize it. Thanks. Thank you so much for listening to the Top Agent podcast by Web4Realty. By the best way, we’re providing unique promos to our listeners, visit and get your first month on us. That’s to get your first month of service utterly free. Until next time. Over and out, peace.