Teen Author Showcase: The Ribbons by Maeve L.

Teen Author Showcase: The Ribbons by Maeve L.

This October, tweens and teenagers in Maple Valley and Enumclaw have put their storytelling to the check within the 2018 Terrifying Tales Brief Tales Contest. Congratulations to Maeve L., age 14, for her WINNING story!

Bonnie discovers the deep, darkish secrets and techniques of her city. Can she commit the unthinkable to reserve it? Will she should in the long run? 

The Ribbons by Maeve L. (Age 14)

The rain had not stopped for weeks. I used to be beginning to consider it might by no means stop, however stay as a continuing cloud of doom looming over our lives. Individuals have been starting to get anxious. They turned to meteorologists, however with no luck. I didn’t thoughts the storm. In fact, I used to be one of many solely ones who didn’t. The tender voice of my greatest good friend pulled me out of my ideas.

“Bonnie? Hello? You in there,” Lucy laughed.

I shrugged. “Just thinking about the rain.”

“Oh. I’m sorry….”

Little question she was interested by my sister. Sam had liked the rain. That’s, when she was alive. Sam had accomplished suicide 4 years in the past. The ache was uninteresting now- although, that didn’t imply I had stopped lacking her.

“Whatever,” I shrugged once more and seemed away. Lucy tugged at her hair, eager to pry however restraining herself.

“Okay. So are we going to the fort?”

“Yeah, just let me grab my coat.” I walked down the darkish brown stairs of my home, and
Lucy trailed behind.

My mother sat on the couch studying, not even wanting up from her guide. Her brief gray hair shines regardless of the dimly lit room.

“Bye mom,” I name. No response.

“Is she okay,” Lucy whispers.

“Probably not… But she will be. Come on,” I pull Lucy away from my mom, reaching for my cream coloured coat earlier than slamming the door. I run into the road, forgetting my boots and dropping my coat alongside the best way. I spin round, relishing within the feeling of dew on my pores and skin like I noticed Sam achieve this many occasions. After a minute or so, I prance again as much as the porch and plop on my rain boots and coat.

“Seriously? Now it’s going to be my fault when you freeze,” Lucy teases. “Ew, you smell like a wet dog.” I roll my eyes.

With that, we begin off to the woods on the opposite aspect of city. Alongside the best way Lucy and I argue about little issues, the type of issues all fourteen yr previous women ought to argue about. For some purpose, it feels unusual. I’ve turn out to be accustomed to my greatest pal’s approach of gossiping and her love of studying new rumors, however immediately one thing is off. I zone out, watching Lucy’s pink ribbon in her hair bouncing up and down as she walks in entrance of me.

“So I was planning on wearing a white dress to the Fall Formal, with my little black pumps and a lacey… Hey, are you listening?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah…”

Lucy frowns. “You’re being weird today.”

I have no idea what to say to that. I really feel bizarre right now. The whole lot feels peculiar- even Lucy’s purple ribbon that was the one secure factor in my life. Prior to now I might take consolation in understanding that it doesn’t matter what occurred with my mother or my sister or me, I might all the time see Lucy together with her brilliant ribbon and cheery character. Now, for no obvious purpose, even that doesn’t give me hope.

“I know what you need,” Lucy declares, her brown hair bouncing with pleasure.

“Let me guess, a boyfriend? More sleep? A therapist,” I mumble.

“Aside from that.”


“You need chocolate! Wait here, I’ll be right out.”

I watch as my pal opens the door to my favourite sweet store. I had been so misplaced in my head that I hadn’t even observed it sitting there, with its colourful decorations and shiny shows. The home windows boasted pearly pink taffy, glistening gummies, bitter tarts, daring licorice, and gooey chocolate. The store was a tender mint shade, with mild brown highlights. It was the one place in
the entire city that was not completely gray, white, or brown. That’s once I noticed it- a flash of shade, shortly disappearing beneath some bushes- my sister.

A minimum of, I assumed it was my sister. In fact, it was not the primary time I had “seen” her, solely to comprehend a couple of minutes later that it was simply my unconscious making an attempt to provide me the satisfaction of interacting with Sam one final time. However this time it was different- this time I knew it was her. Nobody else had the identical hair that appeared to glow white. Nobody else had the tall, oh so tall body. Nobody else seemed like her. I ran in the direction of the bushes, forgetting concerning the chocolate, forgetting about Lucy, forgetting about my mother. I let my instincts take over, sprinting over puddles of mud, pushing by way of brambles, tearing aside bushes. I used to be rabid.
I stored operating, and operating, and operating. The solely sound I heard was her voice, clear as glass, ringing within the silence-

“You’re a strong girl, Bonnabell. You will realize that soon enough. I… I love you.”

These have been the final phrases she had ever spoken to me. These have been the phrases that she had uttered earlier than she walked out of the home that night time, that horrible, horrible night time. The night time when she took her personal life within the alley behind faculty. The police had discovered her physique the subsequent day. Her wrists have been torn open, revealing veins and muscle mass beneath. Her arms have been soaked in pink. Sam’s blue eyes had turned gray, they usually stared out like a chilly, lifeless fish.That they had warned me about “the body” as that they had referred to as her. The physique; not her physique, not Sam’s physique, not Samantha’s physique, however the physique, as if she have been some discarded doll. I had screamed at them. I had screamed as a result of Sam was my sister, and she or he was lifeless, they usually had no proper to inform me what I might and couldn’t see… However maybe they have been proper. I might by no means have the ability to get that picture out of my thoughts. It tormented me in my dreams- her limpness, her vulnerableness, her chilly, lifeless physique. I used to be crying now- no, sobbing, snot draining down my face, water dashing out, hyperventilating, operating, operating, operating. After which every little thing went black.

“Why hello there, sweet girl,” a voice broadcasts as I open my eyes.

My coronary heart skips a beat. This isn’t good. I’ve learn sufficient horror novels to know that that is dangerous, very, very dangerous. I do not know the place I’m. I attain for my telephone in my pocket, solely to seek out it empty, and the belief lastly strikes me. I’ll die right here tonight. I’ll die on this previous room by the hands of the lady who stands over me. I’ll die and there’s nothing I can do about it. I panic, leaping up from a cot and making an attempt to dash to the door, however an icy hand stops me.

“Leaving so soon? Too bad, things were just beginning to get interesting,” the sugary voice says.

“Let go of me! Let go of me now,” I screech as I stomp on her ft. I handle to wrench my arm free and punch the lady within the face earlier than she will register what simply occurred.

She solely laughs. “You little piece of garbage. How pathetic, just like your sister.”

“You better watch what you say if you want your face intact,” I spit out.

“My my, so not all of you in this town are as weak as I thought.”

“What do you want from me? We don’t have money,” I breathe out.

The lady sneers. “You are so naive. I’m starting to doubt whether I made the right choice.”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

Instantly the lady is behind me. She ties my arms collectively behind my again. Oh my God, I feel. I actually am going to die tonight.

“I might be able to explain if you would shut your foul little mouth for a while,” she whispers, and with that there’s a gag in my mouth, the material digging into my cheeks. “That’s better.” I really feel a pointy ache in my aspect as the woman kicks me. I fall on my face, hitting the bottom arduous.

“Good, now stay down, unless you want to die,” the sugary voice hisses. “By the way, if you do want to survive, show more respect and refer to me as Queen Red. Sound good?” I shake my head and check out unsuccessfully to spit at her ft, solely to really feel one thing stab into my hand. I shriek because the ache registers. A blade is caught in my left hand, and I wrestle to not curse the lady.

“Try that again and you’ll lose your whole hand. I’m being very patient with you, and I expect a better attitude. Is that clear?”
I pressure myself to nod. Queen Pink smiles. It’s the scariest smile I’ve ever seen. The lady has extra tooth than I assumed potential to suit right into a human mouth. All of her tooth have factors just like the tip of a needle. I shiver involuntarily.

“You are here because you do not belong in that town,” Queen Purple says. “Your town has a bad, bad past Bonnie. You should know that. The town was first created as a way to give people a place to get away, a location where they could forget about everything and start a new life. But with those intentions, it’s no wonder why it is such a screwed up place.” I determine that the lady is certainly loopy.

“Your city was created out of probably the most regular, common individuals on the earth. Not too tall, not too brief. Not too fats, not too skinny. Not too good, not too imply. Not too sensible, not too dumb. You get the image. It was alleged to make everybody really feel the identical, to get rid of any type of individualism that folks had. However as an alternative of counting on appearances or talents to make
themselves really feel higher than others, individuals began turning to darker strategies.” What does that even imply, I feel.

“There is no other way to say it than this: Everyone here has committed a crime.”

“That’s not true,” I handle to mumble.

“Really? Maybe you’ll change your mind after you see this,” Queen Pink picks up a file on the desk subsequent to her. She opens it, and it feels as if my coronary heart virtually stops. There’s a image of my mother, with a gun in her hand, standing over my father’s physique. Queen Purple flips the web page to an image of my instructor breaking into somebody’s home. The subsequent web page exhibits a boy in my class butchering wild animals with a smile on his face. And the final image I’ve the nerve to take a look at is of Lucy holding a knife, wanting down at my sister. I gasp. It feels just like the world stops for a strong minute. I can’t breathe, or assume, or transfer.
Queen Purple smiles her ugly smile. 

“Surprised, aren’t we? I could show you more, but I think you get the idea. It’s kill or be killed. This town is full of murderers and thieves, criminals and serial killers. A few of you are different. Those few earn a title. Lucy was one of those few. Ever notice the red ribbon she wears? That is a mark of the best. The only thing people can hold onto here, the only thing that makes them different, is their crimes. She has killed the most out of anyone here. You know that chocolate she was getting you? There was poison in it.”

I can’t consider what I’m listening to. Hate fills my abdomen. I would like Lucy to pay for what she has achieved. I would like her to endure as my sister suffered, as my mom suffered, as I suffered.

“Which brings us to why you are here. You are one of the different people. But you are better than Lucy, I can see it in your eyes. She put up no fight when she was brought here. But you’re different- special, even.” Queen Purple rips the gag out of my mouth.

“I won’t do anything for you,” I handle to whisper.

Queen Purple laughs. “That is debatable.” She begins to stroll across the room, all previous and darkish and musty. There are not any home windows and the door is hardly seen. “As I was saying, you are special. Not special like Lucy- no, a different kind of special. You have the power to change this town once and for all.”

“I won’t kill anyone.”

Queen Pink glares at me. “I do not think you understand the weight of the situation. Lucy is a serial killer. She has taken over one-hundred lives.”

“How is that possible? There have only been a few people that went missing.”

“Isn’t it convenient how almost everyone here looks exactly the same? It makes it easy for people to be replaced… And the ones that do go missing are those that look different.” I’m silent for as soon as. That is actual, I inform myself. That is the reality and you can’t do something about it.

“If you kill Lucy, this town can change.”

The phrases sink into my thoughts, and circle round and round like a carousel. The perception that I can do one thing, that I might help provides me a sick type of hope that I do know I’ve to withstand.

“No,” I say. “No. I won’t hurt anyone. Leave me alone!”

Queen Purple appears bowled over. I exploit that as a chance to dash for the door. I crash into it, forcing all of my weight
onto it. The door opens. Simply as I start to expire into the woods, a searing feeling pierces me. One thing sharp is in my again. I can barely breathe, and I can hear Queen Purple screeching curses at me, her footsteps tearing throughout the filth in the direction of me as I run away. I maintain operating for an extended, very long time. Not again to my city, the sick place of facade. As an alternative I run wildly, rampantly, in any path that feels proper. The solely factor that I care about is getting away from that monster, that woman who tore aside my entire world right away.

Some time later, when I’ve not heard footsteps for a very long time and the woods have disappeared, I cease in entrance of an indication that reads, “Welcome to Hillsberry.” I’ve by no means heard of this place, however something could be higher than residence. I collapse in entrance of the signal, the world spinning away from me. I can solely hope that the evil monsters of my city don’t discover me right here. I awake to the hum of a machine. I’m in a white hospital room, clear and sterile. I take a look at my arm to see an IV and my hand coated with bandages. My mouth drops open as I discover the blood on my hospital gown- blood that isn’t mine. On prime of that, a purple ribbon is tied round my wrist. A sinking feeling tugs from the pit of my abdomen. A person and lady stroll into the room wanting involved. They ask me questions on how I’m feeling, what my identify is, how previous I’m, if my household is aware of I’m lacking, and the place I’m from. I lie and say that I escaped from my home being damaged into. I inform them that the invaders killed everybody however me, and that I’m fortunate to be alive. I conjure up a narrative about how they threw scissors at me as I climbed out the window, falling solely to land on a publish and impale my hand. Surprisingly, they consider every thing.

“We will get you into foster care as soon as you are healed up,” the person says. I thank him. The nurse and physician depart and I breathe out a sigh of aid. I flip onto my aspect to look out of the window once I virtually scream. On the windowsill is a pair of golden scissors coated with blood and a white oddly formed ribbon tied round them. I leap out of my hospital mattress and ignore the sudden ache that threatens to overwhelm me. 

Beside the scissors and ribbon is a word which says, “Bonnie, thanks for your help. Here’s your prize. -You Know Who.” 

As I set the observe again down, one thing else catches my eye. I decide it up tenitavely, after which screech and throw it out the
window. I fall to the ground, rocking and rocking and rocking, the sugary candy voice caught in my head. The photograph confirmed somebody stabbing a woman with a pink bow within the again with a pair of scissors. That somebody is me. I solemnly attain for the ribbon, chuckling to myself about how ironic the state of affairs is. I shortly draw my hand again in disgust. The ribbon is made from human flesh. Lucy’s flesh.

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